: Limp home mode?

06-24-04, 12:16 AM
How often do you reckon you can go into limp-home without significant damage? My head gaskets are shot and I can't get replacement transportation until Saturday, so I've been driving my 94 Eldo (131k) and adding coolant and barsleaks daily. Unfortunately, my length of driving time keeps going down and now it's at about 20 minutes, so if I encounter ANY delays, my temp shoots up to 250 and then the STOP ENGINE light and bell comes on but I drive on home...
One thing I've noticed is that if I run the engine at about 4000 rpms I can drop the temp from 240 to 212 in a few minutes, so I've been driving everywhere in first or second gear...and now I've got a tranny solenoid code but I think it might just be a little glitch in the shifter electricals and not the actual solenoid as I've made it disappear twice by carefully clicking through all the gears and then clearing the codes...my oil looks ok after these overheating episodes but that motor smells BAAD and I wish I didn't have to drive the old girl...
Will this kill what's left of this engine? Should I fix this car and trade it? Or can it stand this abuse and be fine once the gaskets are good? Thanks!

06-24-04, 12:24 AM
Limp mode is designed for 50 mile MAX, i guess you are not supposed to abuse it. And i think you are abusing it!!! n e way im not an expert but i hate to see a care abused ;)