View Full Version : What do you think of this mod..

11-26-08, 01:17 PM
I was thinking of buying a hood and customizing it to make it a true ram air hood.. only thing is i HATE the hood that has the dual scoops in the front.. looks like nostrils or something.. i was thinking of ordering this hood and cutting out where the scoop is.. what do you guys think...

11-26-08, 01:38 PM
I think the hood looks ok. I actually have considered the one with the dual scoops. Let me know how that turns out, I'm excited to see it.

11-26-08, 01:45 PM
The hood I think will look good when I am done with it.. I think it looks good there but will look alot better on a normal truck.. i hate that body kit that is on the truck...and well the two tone paint in the pic doesnt help... if my plans all work out well i will cut the scoop so i get the true ram air portion.. fill in with a mesh grille either chrome, black, or white.. then either throw a blue light or a blue led purge kit behind it to have a nice effect for the shows..

The Scientist
11-26-08, 02:37 PM
SS hood on an EXT??? Don't know about that. I'm with b-stiff, I perfer the WS6 hood myself. I know you can get those with the functional ram air kit. To make that SS hood functional would be a pain if it didn't come as a kit intergrated into the hood...and would hurt performance more than it helped.
If you want it for only the looks get what you want. If you want it to be truly functional then go with the WS6 hood.

11-26-08, 06:15 PM
Horrible horrible horrible....it needs to be subtle.The caddy's are too in your face as it is.

Something in-layed not sticking up.