: Headlights question????

11-26-08, 11:50 AM
On my 2001 Catera;
I replaced the headlights(low beams) with silver stars about 2 months ago because one went out. Now the other day, one of the silver stars went out again. So I replaced them with some normal headlights.
The silver stars looked about as dim as the normal headlights, which still aren't so bright either.
The weird thing is the auto parts stores don't have the correct bulb listed for my low beams. They have H7 bulbs listed, but it takes H1.

Is it possible that the car originally had H.I.D's? And the dealer/previous owner replaced them with normal bulbs not knowing?

Is there any way to tell for sure, what kind it gets? H.I.D's, or regular?

11-28-08, 04:29 AM
No one?

What is the bulb you 2001 guys use for the low beam?

11-28-08, 05:08 AM
I am pretty sure the HID have a different fixture than the standard light, so I don't think you could get your normal bulb into it.

Take some photos of your lights.

11-28-08, 11:06 PM
They have H7 bulbs listed, but it takes H1

They're all like that from what I've seen. The parts stores list them as H7 low, H7 high, and they're really H1 low, H7 high. My stock units and the European Omega units I replaced the stock ones with were both the same way.