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06-23-04, 11:50 PM
New Vent Session :

Takeing a computer class at college , failed it once last year , decided i needed to pass it so i took it again . First off the instructor is a certified arse with a chimp on his shoulder , didnt match well with the chimp on my shuolder due to my previous failure .

So today i started the last few assingments to get them handed in on dads computer (had to use one with XP) . worked all day with ones i had already done and the new ones when low and behold a virus pops on me . Were talking wipe the hard drive out mailioucs shizz here . His computer is completeltly fubared (thats f'd up beyond all reconition to you civilains) now. Everything is due by tomrrow , at an hour per assignment it will take 19 hours to make all new assignments , and then god only knows what quilaity they will be . Basicly i have failed the course again . By this time dad calls to see how im doing as i had to get his help earler , i had to inform him while hes on vacation that i have screwed his computer all to hell and hell probably need a new one . Told him i couldnt get online with it and the disk i had in it had been on mine for weeks and mine doesnt have any problems , he said it was impossible for it to get a virus but there it is , dead as a friggin doornail after doing some very crazy stuff all over my excell documents , talking about uploads downloads and opening up new excell documents faster than i could close them (total of 30 ) and writeing very odd thing in the cells of the sheets.

Long story short it renforces my belif that all computers are good for is to surf the web and play music every 4th moon while 2 million fish in the pacfic swim upside down and crap on a single purple and pink seagull with 3 eyes.

Also its reason number 11 why "My next car will be carberated " .....

I hate to sound like a bumpkin but I HATE COMPUTERS THEY SUCK!!!!!!

OK i feel beatter now , 2 more beers and i wont remeber i thing :drinker

06-24-04, 12:02 AM
it from looking at all that porn... nothing will get you a virus faster... the good news... computers now are fast enough that you can delete all partitions and reboot the hard drive in a couple hours! Now, how fast of a typer are ya?? :bonkers:

p.s. what's the brand of choice stoneage?

06-24-04, 12:15 AM
tonight is espiccly a bad night , jack dainleils and corona , in intermittent qualitys (like my typein)

whoops forgot this part: "delete all partitions and reboot the hard drive in a couple hours! Now, how fast of a typer are ya?? "

delete partitions? sounds like demoin drywall to me , suppose i need spakle to reboot the hard drive ? or do i put the combat boots on and kick it ? :hmm:

06-24-04, 12:37 AM
:rofl: :histeric: lmao... now that's funny. i don't really have much of an idea what you just said, but no you don't need any spackle... combat boots, maybe.

06-24-04, 02:02 AM
it from looking at all that porn... nothing will get you a virus faster...

Want some serious spyware on your harddrive, try finding a pic of Demi Moore from the movie "GI Jane." :rant2: I'll never do that again! :bighead:

Poor Stoney. You shouldn't have to :drinker alone, so here I go... :drinker :drinker :drinker

06-24-04, 09:22 AM
Man that bites I'll bet almost every one here as a similar story (maybe with not as bad timming as yours, Murphys' Law and Irony at it's worst )

Virus use to be from looking at porn , today last stats I saw indicated 67% of all Email is spam or virus ...these days without up to date antivirus software ,spyware removal ,regular scheduled scans and practicing safe "hex" (html off on and no preview window Email, no opening atachements , etc...) don't stand a chance.

But despite all the pitfalls - I own three of em ....glutton for punishement

06-24-04, 09:23 AM
guranteed you should be able to gete the information back

what you need is a friend that is good with computers that has one of his own with up to date virus detection software. Now have him take your drive out of your computer and put it in his along side his dive. Now when he starts it up have him scan and clean it first thing. Once you have it clean you can then get your assignment files off of it and save them to disk. You will probably still have to reinstall windows as the virus may have caused too much damage to the system file ... but atleast you can get your assignments and all of your dad's files back.

06-24-04, 10:48 AM
today last stats I saw indicated 67% of all Email is spam or virus

That's because sooo many people are ignorant of what can be accomplished with a 5k script and their email address. You wouldn't believe how much MS emphasises in their books on educating users on precautions, but also states that the users are dumb because states the best precautions are not educating users, but rather setting security settings because the average user will always mess something up.