: Question regarding 2005 ESV Platinum -- converting Nav screen

11-25-08, 11:33 PM
Hi guys, I just picked up a 2005 ESV Platinum. I LOVE THIS TRUCK...as does my wife...I actually never get to drive it. :rant2:

Anyway, it has the factory dual DVD screens with the player integrated in the fore unit. I would love to convert the NAV screen in the dash so that it plays along with the 2 factory screens. I've done what I think is a LOT of searching on the site, but haven't found the direct answer. I've seen a few links to conversion kits that will simply allow the NAV screen in the dash to play a DVD...but none that just tie in with the factory screens.

ALSO, is there a kit that combines the above feature with a back up camera to be viewed through the NAV screen when the truck is put into reverse?

Thanks guys for any help!!! We are taking it down to Disneyland in about 2 weeks and I would love to get it all hooked up before then. :thumbsup:


11-26-08, 12:35 AM
Congrats on the nice new rig. I just picked up a 06 Platinum and am wanting the exact info. I know it can be done as there was a 05 here my wife drove with both items like that.

If you don't mind me asking. What did you pay for yours? Miles? Location? Color?



11-26-08, 01:42 AM
Hi Mike,

Thanks man!!! Congrats to you as well!! I just love this truck man. Mine is Quicksilver with Beige leather. I'm out in the S.F. Bay Area. Now if I can just get the mods installed before Disneyland, I'll be all set!!!


11-26-08, 05:20 PM
Anyone have a starting point for me to research this issue? Thanks!


11-26-08, 10:09 PM
Mike, I received your message, but I don't have enough posts to reply to it. Please shoot me an email and I'll respond. Thanks!