: Not Seeing a Problem

11-25-08, 12:41 PM
I am not seeing a problem for us when GM goes belly up, whenever that is. Most of us work on our own cars and many of the Cadillac dealers are Catera challenged anyway. So for repairs there is not a lot of loss potential.

Re parts:

Am a little less certain about parts. Some of our parts are common with other marques. We might need a good cross reference to find what we want and need. Also some outside company will most likely buy out GM's Catera parts inventory for peanuts. It never has been important to GM. This could actually CUT our cost for parts, which is quite high now.

Considering GM sort of wrote off our beloved Cats years ago, I think bankruptcy, with another company possibly stepping in, could actually be beneficial to us.

11-25-08, 04:16 PM

I agree with you completely. GM built crap for many years. They made a fortune selling their behemoth "redneckmobiles" pick-up trucks and "urban assault vehicles" SUVs. They did not bother to come up with some fuel efficient vehicles. :mad::mad::mad:

Now times have changed and they missed the boat.
Only Saturn seems to have some decent vehicles, like
the Opel Saturn.

Opel builds many more high quality, fuel saving, well engineered and fun to drive cars. Lots of superb diesels too.

It might be to late now to save the outdated, overgrown
and ignorant giant called GM. So be it.

Maybe Toyota, Honda, Subaru or VW will take over.

Best regards


11-25-08, 06:10 PM
Nissan will be running things when North American companies die out.

Another reason I am buying a G35