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11-25-08, 10:29 AM
Hey guys,

I'm having a bunch of electrical problems due to a shotty radio install that the original owner did, the owner was my business partner. The shop he had the work done at is no longer in business (no big surprise, thats what happens when duct tape is what they used to mount most of the parts).

So anyways, I'm trying to buy the Wiring Diagrams/Schematics for a 2002 Escalade with 6.0L. I've found one on eBay and email'd the seller and he told me it was for the 5.3L and I didn't know if that was the same for both engines. So if somebody can tell me that its the same for both then engines or if somebody does have a copy on here I'd be willing to pay for it.

I am unable to use private message since I'm new to this forum but if you could email me at my screenname @ AOL.

I'm gonna list a the electrical items i'm having problems with (plenty more problems that aren't electrical related that i'm get into once I fix the electrical):
- Power Mirrors only move in certain directions
- Dash ligths are out (speedometer, heater controls, trip info)
- Fuse for the horn blows if I use it for more then a second
- The window control on driver side screws with the volume on the radio if I press the passenger window up or down.
- Very bad whistling noise from radio at higher speeds (feedback)

I have a few other issues that I'll get into later.

Another thing, I've been on this forum now for a couple weeks and think you guy are a great group and are very helpful and willing to share any/all info you guys have. Thanks for the help