: Intake Plenum gaskets / seals

11-24-08, 02:44 PM
2003 Escalade - I had an amber (steady) check engine light stay on for a few days and had a dealer check it - I've had it 2 time before but it was a loose gas cap. Dealer says codes indicate lean condition and they say I should replace all intake plenum (upper and lower) gaskets and O rings and injector seals for about $500. Interestingly the check engine light went out on the way home from the dealer. I have no other signs of any performance problems, gas mileage is the same as always. I had been using regular (87) fuel lately starting when the prices got so high - also fillled up with 93 Octane on the way home (after the light went out). Has anyone else had an issue with intake manifold or plenum seals??? If so, what was the indication or performance issue? Dealer also said my gas was OK.