: Looks like I might be taking a break from Cadillc for a while...

11-24-08, 12:21 PM
Well it's about that time...time to find a new car. STS is just getting too damn expensive to keep on the road. Needs tires, possible headgasket, catalytic converter...ect. What am I replacing it with you ask.... '06 GTO.

I don't want another FWD car, and I haven't had a proper manual car in ages. The one I'm probably picking up soon is Red w/ Black interior and a 6spd with just 18k on the odo.

I hate to get rid of the car as it's been great the last 90+k miles. At least I'm buying GM though, and from a dealer. Looked at a lot of other cars (WRX, Acura TL, CTS,..ect) and for the price and mileage, this seems like a good deal to me.

I'll still be floating around though, and I've decided that I will likely part my car out so they'll be a billet front engine mount, and a cheap Corsa system floating around for those who want it..lol. Forum members get first pick on parts...:D

11-24-08, 01:23 PM
Sad to see you join us in the land of the departed (lol) but the GTO is a hell of a car for the money!

11-24-08, 02:35 PM
If I weren't so pleased with my vintage '95 STS, I'd go with the GTO too. Great value in the used market for the money. I actually like the body style.

11-24-08, 07:17 PM
Just test drove it today, and filled out the paper work and what not. It's actually got 16k miles on it...nice surprise when I got inside. It sucks getting rid of the caddy, but if I got to get into something else...it's gotta be GM, and a GTO isn't so bad..haha.

11-24-08, 07:22 PM
Sorry to hear you're getting out the Caddy... how many miles she got?

The GTO on the other hand is a great, well built vehicle. Had some of the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in.

11-24-08, 07:26 PM
count me down for you mount haha
corsa alot of ppl will swipe that up pretty quick

i got a 98 LS1 Camaro last week and i kept the Caddy haha

GTO will be fun but not so much in the snow

Night Wolf
11-24-08, 07:33 PM
New (old now?) GTO *IS* pretty nice... I didn't like them so much when they first came out, but... yeah I like them alot now.

For me the biggest drawback was lack of a convertible.... I badly wanted a convertible....if, in the future I want that type of car and can settle with a fixed roof, I may very well be in the market for one myself.

Post up some pictures when you get it :)

11-24-08, 09:58 PM
Yeah, snow is gonna suck, but it'll get decent snow tires, and my commute is only 10 miles. I'd keep the caddy, but It's just too beat up to bother fixing. Needs too much work. She's also got 136k miles...the last 90k I put on there and they were not light I can assure you that. The car was driven hard from the day I got it.

Plus, there's always another chance in the future to get back in. Maybe pick up an old Series 62 this time around...

Night Wolf
11-24-08, 10:11 PM
I dug up these pictures from our '06 meet.... Cheesecake factory was afterword.... '79 was wrecked a week later...




I remember the Corsa exhaust sound good.

11-24-08, 10:16 PM
There will always be old geezers like myself looking for a home for their well cared for Caddies, go for the GTO while good, low mileage one's are still available and enjoy the heck out of it!

I've never regretted the great cars I owned and enjoyed when I was young enough to put them to their full use.

11-24-08, 10:22 PM
it does
wish my car didnt have a rev limiter so i could actually hear it at wot

11-24-08, 10:25 PM
I dug up these pictures from our '06 meet.... Cheesecake factory was afterword.... '79 was wrecked a week later...

I remember the Corsa exhaust sound good.

Yeah, I remember that..good times. That was 40k miles ago...and it's all been downhill since..lol.

Yeah, I've always been a muscle car guy at heart. First car was a worked over 66 Mustang. When I'm not driving my car, I'm rolling around in our 390 powered 64 F-100 Stepside......so the progression to a 6spd LS2 powered GTO was only natural haha.

Plus I get to beat up on my friend who thinks his 03 Mustang GT with a few bolt ons is hot sh*t. He'll be singing a different tune soon enough...

11-24-08, 11:28 PM
GTO is a real nice ride!. There's one around here with bigger wheels/wider tires and a host of mods. Whooped my Cobra maybe 5 days ago by maybe 4-5 lengths up to 100mph from a 40 mph roll. Guy said he ran 12.40's at the track and was shooting off all he had done to it when we stopped at the light. I didn't much care so I didn't catch all of it but he was claiming 420rwhp plus the light turned green so I gave him a thumbs up and was on my merry way. It happens. The lack of a convertible model is the deal breaker for me as any "fun car" for me must be a 'vert but I'm in Florida. In any cold state I'd take one. The interior is a strong point with the GTO and the LS2 doesn't hurt either. Good luck with it.;)

11-25-08, 08:34 AM
GTO! :thumbsup: Nice!

Post some Pics!

11-25-08, 08:38 AM
Hey, thanks for all the replies. Pics will definitely be up as soon as possible. And I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Still gonna be here to help noobies out, and throw my witty remarks around in the lounge.

11-25-08, 08:57 AM
Congrats on the GTO purchase. They are quite the bargain right now.