: My first

11-24-08, 05:52 AM

I just signed up for the forum and wanted to say hi. I just picked up my first ever Cadillac and can't wait to start messing around with it. I haven't actually seen it in person yet, but I feel pretty confident that I've found a good car.

I'm in the USAF currently stationed in Italy. I'll be moving back to the states next month. The car is in Michigan where my family is from, and I'll be driving it from Michigan to Montana in Jan. My dad and unckle went to look at it for me and both say that it's a beautiful car that shouldn't give me any problems on the road trip. I can't wait to see for myself.

The guy I bought it from bought it new in 1970, and has babied it ever since. He said he used to drive it as a daily driver until the late 80's, had it repainted around 1990 and has kept in a pole barn ever since. He only takes it out in the summer on nice days. He needs the extra room in his barn for his tracktor collection, so he let me have it for $2,000.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be asking a lot of questions when I figure out which direction I want to take the project.


11-24-08, 08:20 AM
WOW, what a beauty!! Congrats and :welcome: to the forum. Thank you for your service to our country. :salute:

11-24-08, 11:14 AM
WOW! Nice car. Sweet deal.

Thanks for your service.

11-24-08, 11:52 AM
Welcome! That car truly was a steal, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it when you get back home!

11-24-08, 12:51 PM
:shocked2: Holy cow that's a beautiful car! You got it for a steal at 2K too. Nice work man! :cheers:

11-24-08, 01:19 PM
WOW! I love it.

11-24-08, 02:32 PM
Beauty of a car and a steal as well. :)

11-24-08, 03:12 PM
My aunt had one just like it back in the mid-eighties. I drove it back and forth from LA to Scottsdale on many occasions. Agreat car for the wide open spaces of the West. Great front seats for comforatble long rides!
Welcome to the Forum!

11-24-08, 11:35 PM
wow thats a beautiful car!

11-25-08, 12:35 AM
I LOVE it...and BTW


11-25-08, 08:43 AM
Georgeous! Good luck with it, looks like one hell of a ride.:thumbsup: