View Full Version : A kinda newbe's intro

11-23-08, 05:10 AM
I've been a member for a few years but have been spending alot more time here so I figured I needed to do an intro.
I've owned 2 Eldo's, an SLS, and now my current 01 STS I just purchased, been posting more lately, more on the Seville/Eldo section, lots of good info here as well as knowledge and helpful members, with out some of the bickering and language you find on a few other Car sites, except my TA site, which is very similar to this one. Well, here's my 01 STS, still kinda new to me.

11-23-08, 05:22 AM
And I get to drive my 81 TA on the weekends, and until I got the 20's changed out on the STS I bought, and any other day I can find an excuse to drive it, its hiding a 455 under the 4.9 decals.