: aftermarket cd-changer on '93 STS

11-23-08, 03:08 AM
Hello everyone,

I have a question for my '93 seville STS. I don not have a Bose HU. in my trunk lays a small unit that should be for a cd-changer. it's hooked up to it and has it's power tru the antenna.
It has a 13 pins connector and i believe a power cabel it is.

Can i buy any aftermarket cd-changer and plug it just in and play?
Or do i have to change any cable or are ther marks i should better not buy?

Any help wel be welcome.


11-23-08, 04:40 PM
you cant
go to best buy and buy and fm modulated changer

11-24-08, 01:40 PM
Thanks for your reply,

after a closser look the text on the small unit says: CD FM Modulator
it is original GM (delco) and not hooked up to my antenna but to my radio. and has a different connector for power. i think for the changer?

do i still have to buy a cd changer that is a fm modulator or does this CD FM modulator does that work?

thanks for helping