: A Non-Cad Purchase: "WOOD" you have bought it?

11-22-08, 11:49 AM
Well, bought a RWD non-Caddy... still GM of course. Wanted one of these for a long time, but it was very much an impulse, seat-of-my-pants, outta-nowhere purchase. Found the car online one day, the next I was making the 6.5 hour round-trip to pick it up, coming back in a blinding snowstorm with bald tires. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and give more info later. These are right after I cleaned/thoroughly de-saltified the car before storing it until the summer. Comments/thoughts?


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Can you post more information about the vehicle? The pics aren't loading at work (we block photobucket), so I have no idea what it is!

11-22-08, 11:58 AM

For I~LUV~Caddys sake: It's a green/faux wood paneling 1972 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon, bigger sister of the Cutlass-based Vista Cruiser. This car is based on the 88/98 platform and has a 4BBL 455 Rocket w/ THM400 tranny. It has the 3 row seat option with seating for 8 or 9 people, and the electric "Clamshell" tailgate/glass that slides into the roof/floor (however the motor for the glass needs rebuilt, tailgate works.

It has one mismatched hubcap from a '60s olds on the back left. The car is complete, including fenderskirts. The frame/floor are rust free, but the rear quarters are rusted through underneath, especially where the spare-tire stands. Interior is great, '70s green vinyl, with only 2 flaws: rip on the driver's seat, and the glovebox won't stay closed.

Chrome roofrack, dual outside mirrors, A/C (not really working), power windows, tailgate, non-power locks/seats, AM/FM 8track. Needs body work on rear fenders, runs good with slight hesitation in the pedal, good trans/brakes. Mild exhaust leak. Needs fresher tires/tune up/oil change.

Coil front/leaf rear. Original paint. Car is from Aurora Ontario. Bought it from a cool guy in New Brunswick who bought it from a deceased old guy's wife to use as a winter beater. Decided to get something more fuel efficient and sold thing thing to me cheap: $1200.00 with good safety inspection.

Some rust spots covered with that "Chrome" tape on the rear bumper. Needs a few bulbs. Solid door bottoms, rockers, good headliner/carpet and uncracked dash.

Now saved from the winter salts and certain destruction, and destined to be returned to its former glory as a proud summer highway cruiser.

1972 is Oldsmobile's 75th Anniversary year.

Can't think of anything else right now, to add. Any questions?

11-22-08, 12:04 PM
Now that the pics are loading, I can see it. Holy christ that thing's massive!! What a beast! That's what a....'71? '72?

11-22-08, 12:20 PM
lol Glad to hear they're working now. Yes, a 1972. Second year of this new platform, I believe.

11-22-08, 12:52 PM
Cool purchase! Have you done a burnout yet? I'd imagine that thing will keep 'em spinning for blocks!

We have a customer that brings his '74 Custom Cruiser in to work every so often. That thing sure is a hoot to drive. It looks a lot like yours, but the front and rear ends are different (bigger bumpers) and it doesn't have the wood grain trim, and the 455 doesn't make as much power as yours, but it's still cool to drive.

11-22-08, 01:30 PM
No, the only "burnout" is the skidding/spinning in the terrible weather during the trip home. You can see it spinning on ice for a moment in this little video I took:

http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j82/jn_parisienne/th_MOV04493.jpg (http://s78.photobucket.com/albums/j82/jn_parisienne/?action=view&current=MOV04493.flv)

11-22-08, 06:11 PM
Whoa! I've always loved those old GM wagons. The Olds Custom Cruiser and the Buick Estate Wagon are my favorites!
How does the 455 do on gas? My '71 Eldo 500 does surprisingly well; like 16~17ish. :cloud9:

Yours is even cooler than my '83 CC. :thumbsup:


11-22-08, 07:11 PM
I love it.

$1200? Hell of a deal. I just gave $950 for an '86 Electra wagon that is rust free, but isn't nearly as presentable (or cool) as yours.

11-22-08, 09:33 PM
Buy it!

I would! I have had six GM wagons and can't get enough of them. The only GM wagon I haven't owned is a Oldsmobile.

11-22-08, 10:05 PM
Beautiful original Custom Cruiser! I have two 1971 Delta 88's myself. Love the big Oldsmobiles!!

11-22-08, 10:08 PM
By the way, the 455 sounds great! Congrats on your find!

11-22-08, 10:21 PM
96Fleetwood: Don't worry, I had already bought it! Pics were taken at my work after washing it up. :thumbsup:

Everyone else, thanks for the positive reinforcement. Makes me feel better after this rash purchase. I wanted one for years, and how often do you find one for such a good price? It was best just to jump on it I guess.

Glad to see the knowledge of this board extend beyond Cadillacs, and into my other automotive interests! :)

11-23-08, 12:09 AM
It looks to be in pretty good shape. I used to ride in the back of one of those when I went to college. My buddy called it the "beach wagon".

11-23-08, 02:55 AM
Does it have that fixed glass over the back seat??? Always thought that was a cool feature, GM even did it on their last wagon, the Buick Roadmaster.

11-23-08, 11:23 AM
Aron9000: Unfortunately no! The "vista roof" was not available on the full-size wagons at that time. It could only be had on the Cutlass-based Vista Cruisers, although it would be an awesome feature. And you're right, it came back again in the '90s, appearing on the Roadmaster and the Custom Cruisers. The latter of which are quite rare. You certainly don't see them every day. Here's a nice one:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cars-Trucks___1992-Oldsmobile-88-Custom-Cruiser-Outstanding-Value_W0QQitemZ200274289744QQddnZCarsQ20Q26Q20Truc ksQQddiZ2282QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_Cars_Trucks?hash =item200274289744&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245&_trkparms=72%3A317%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1308

11-23-08, 02:57 PM
There's a guy locally selling a wagon just like that one, 92 too, for $950 but it needs a fair amount of work.

Oh damn, it's down to $550 now!! http://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/cto/930228638.html

DopeStar 156
11-23-08, 04:13 PM
One of my dad's first cars was a '68 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight which he raves about all the time and I think was the same green color minus the wood panels. I've started to develop a love for old skool Oldsmobiles.......

11-23-08, 04:41 PM
One of my buddy's fathers had a '68 Toronado when he was younger. He raves about it all the time...especially all the power from that high compression 455.

11-23-08, 06:46 PM
I hereby nominate brougham_geezer for the Clark Griswold Wagon Queen Family Truckster Award.

At least it doesn't have "Honky Lips" graffiti written on the sides! Gather the family and break out your 8-track cassette of Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Roads," it's time to head to Wally World! :)

J/K, of course. It really is a nice ride.

Old Fleetwood
11-23-08, 10:22 PM
A land-based QE2!
But now you can go Bat-S(uhh, guano) Crazy and graft a '72 Cadillac doghouse on to the front of it and end up with a CADILLAC VISTA WAGON!:hide:

11-24-08, 09:02 AM
Old Fleetwood:

Check this one out!


Old Fleetwood
11-24-08, 09:54 PM
I'm glad to see it's SOLD or I might actually have the hots for it.:lildevil:
However, your Oldsmobile would look a lot sharper in profile with only the Cadillac doghouse and spiffy up the taillights to accomodate the taller Cadillac vertical blades.
I think the '72 Fleetwood Door shapes (rounded upper corners) don't quite match the rear side window as well as those on your Oldsmobile.
And such a wagon would let me take the trailer hitch OFF my '95 FWB so it would have a cleaner hind end and I could tow our PopUp RV with the wagon.:)