View Full Version : Low oil pressure/stop engine message

11-22-08, 02:07 AM
I got the intake gasket done on my 92 Eldorado, but now after running the engine for more than 5 mins a knocking sound comes from the engine and a low oil pressure/stop engine message shows up on the cluster. But the message goes away when I give it gas or at high rpm.
Please help out here. What could cause this problem, because the knocking sound is load?

11-23-08, 04:17 PM
92 would not have the Northstar engine. Are you positive it's a 92? Does it have the Northstar? And was it the intake gaskets or head gaskets that were done? If it was the head gaskets, tell who ever did the job to put the proper torque on the harmonic damper / balancer / pulley. DO NOT RUN the engine anymore until that problem is solved. Anytime it's running with that message on the display, the engine is wearing out.

It could also be the pressure switch or wiring, but I would check the torque first on the balancer bolt. 37 ft. lbs. + 1/3 turn (120 degrees).