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11-21-08, 10:53 PM
does anyone know if a 2005 touch screen navigation unit will work in a 03 ESV with the old y91 nav unit??

11-21-08, 11:15 PM
Yes it will. Plug and play! You may have to have the dealer unlock the new unit however.

11-23-08, 10:00 AM
doesn't the nav unti have a code for it?? or is it one of those deals only the dealer can unlock it and charge you $95??:tisk:

11-29-08, 09:09 AM
The "05 touch screen will work in the '03. There are 2 different part numbers for the touch screen and 2 different part numbers for the older non touch screen. I bought my '03 brand new. There wasn't a nav radio in it. The dealership said the nav radio couldn't be put in the vehicle. I bought one off of ebay and put it in myself. The difference in the radios having 2 different part numbers is which amp they go with. One goes with the Bose Lux amp and the other goes with the Bose Premium amp. Communication between the radio and amp work differently. You should have the Bose Lux amp in the Escalade. I learned a lot on the Chevy Avalanche forum. Those guys wanted a nav in their trucks and figured out all the details. If you don't have a nav radio in your 'lade now, you will also need the GPS receiver that mounts under the dash pad and a disc. The radio learns the vehicle VIN number from the body control module the first time it is plugged in. If you buy a new radio it won't have to be reset. If you buy a used one, it will have already learned the VIN of the vehicle it came out of, and will display theft lock on the screen when it checks the VIN of your vehicle. In that case it will take a dealer to get the radio to learn your VIN. I paid $95 to get my VIN reset. Call around to different dealerships and see if you can get a better price. Some of the guys have got it for $30 or even free. It only takes about a minute. You can find the instructions on this forum. Print them out and take them with you to the dealer. They might not know how to do it. Mine didn't. Good luck.

11-29-08, 12:42 PM
One goes with the Bose Lux amp and the other goes with the Bose Premium amp.

How would I know which one my particular vehicle has?