View Full Version : Test drove a Saturn Vue

01-19-03, 02:05 PM
I test drove my aunts saturn vue, and while it is not a volkswagen, it is still a very good value. I drove the v6 FWD, and it was fun little car to drive. The engine has a great sound. It is lound, but i like that. Its really fun because it shifts at about 7500 RPMs with the 5 speed automatic. It rides really smooth, especialy for a super light car. The plastic side panels are cool, because you hit them hard and no dents! I hit it as hard as i could and nothing would happen. Obviously, it wouldnt be my only car, with its tiny interior. And tiny is an understatement. I had to sit in the back seat and it my legs were about in my mouth.

01-19-03, 02:08 PM
Isn't the Vue Saturn's truck? Is it really that small?

01-19-03, 02:36 PM
i also heard that vue is a really nice. How is the quality? How much?

01-19-03, 09:16 PM
Well, it is a mini suv. Rear room is the only thing bad about it. Its not horrible, but i wouldnt want to ride there for a long trip. They really are nice, great daily driver. I really liked the 5sp auto. The quality is equal with all other saturns, which is pretty good, although lots of plastic. There is a lot of headroom, pleanty for a 6ft+ person. I believe they start at like 17k, but not sure. They offer the 4cy with the new VTI tranny or a 5sp manual, the 6cy with a 5sp auto FWD or AWD. I drove the FWD and it was just fine. I drove it through some snow, but a car like that woulnt be able to go through a lot of snow anyway, so AWD isnt really worth it (extra $1500 or so).

Overall, i think its a great little car. I would get the upgrade to alloy wheels, because the one i drove has the plastic hub caps, looks really crappy.