View Full Version : Ahhh the Metal.....

DopeStar 156
11-20-08, 10:40 PM
Just discovered the band Austrian Death Machine and they are simply awesome and hilarious at the same time. Anyone else find these guys? Where's my metalheads?!


Lord Cadillac
11-21-08, 12:14 AM
I heard this song on Sirius a couple of weeks ago and thought it was kinda cool...


11-21-08, 06:23 AM
great vid, not my style

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DopeStar 156
11-21-08, 08:22 PM
I didn't know they had any videos yet, they're still pretty new. ****in' great!

11-21-08, 11:41 PM
great vid, not my style


11-22-08, 09:53 AM
Not bad... I liked the video...

Screaming "Get to Daah Chaahhp - aaagh!!" in an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent... you gotta love it....

Fairly high on the "unintended comedy" scale as well....

And on the "possible catch-phrase at work" scale, it's off the chart.... I forwarded that to some work buddies. I guarantee, at some point next week, the phone is going to ring, the boss's number will be on caller ID, and someone will yell "Get to Dah Choppaaaah!" at full volume...

And you know what? I can't wait!!

11-22-08, 10:22 AM
I like the music much more than the singing. Reminds me somewhat of Ride the Lightning style guitar riffs.

Lord Cadillac
11-22-08, 10:30 AM
Patrick. It isn't "unintended" comedy. It's actually "intended" comedy.. They band intended this to be a "fun", comical album. It reminds me a little bit of a light S.O.D. Stormtroopers of Death album. And I do hear Metallica in the guitars as well...

DopeStar 156
11-23-08, 02:25 AM
You guys gotta listen to "You Have Just Been Erased" and "If it Bleeds We Can Kill It."

11-23-08, 03:37 AM
New genre, comedic metal:beavis:

Go listen to psychostick, funny stuff as well. So is Metalpocyolpse on adult swim, if you ever watch that. Murderface is awesome.

DopeStar 156
11-23-08, 01:58 PM
On my show, and all the other metal shows at my station we play Dethclok on a regular basis and get requests too. They actually tour too......