View Full Version : painted bedcovers, wheels, etc

sam hamm
11-20-08, 12:59 PM
so i guess im going to keep my truck. i finally got my bedcovers done. it takes soooooooooooo long to sand all of the texture off. i also sold my 22s yesterday and have my 26" tis 10s on the way. i have to get them painted red and then they will be on. im thinking about selling my hid fog lights to a friend and getting pink hid heads and fogs. i also got led reverse lights and they look really good.

i also went to a car show this weekend and their was a rep their from a place called incriminator audio. i really like the way their subs sound so im thinking about selling my 4 precision power 15s for 4 of theirs. i also have to order my head unit, 2 optimas, a train horn, some screens and some big power wire and then i will be ready to get my system in. im kind of excited about the few new things im doing to my truck.

11-20-08, 02:34 PM
Looking forward to seeing some pics of the finished product.

Lu Scola
11-21-08, 12:02 AM
What company makes the pink HID lights. My girl would love them. I want to buy 6 sets of thm. Please send me the info on them asap. I too am putting a train horn on my EXT.

How'd you love the bed cover painting...FUN Huh?? Its a pain in the ass...but well worth the result. Mine are perfectly smooth. I just got a brand new set of covers for the winter so the ice dont scratch the painted ones up.

BTW: How much did you sell the 22"s for? Im trying to sell the 24"s I just bought. They are on my truck now but im getting snow tires for my 08 chrome factory wheels.

sam hamm
11-21-08, 01:53 AM
its a company on ebay that sold the heads and fogs for our escalades for like 230$, but i dont know about kits that includes headlight ballist. i will have to find the link or the company that produces them on my desktop.

and about the bed covers........it was ridiculous how much time it took but really it was well worth it. and when i look out my back window that clear looks so much better ha. the only problem is that the last cover looks like it may have gotten hot and someone put their elbows on it so it has a few small dents in it but they look way better than the texture.

ill post pictures up of them tomorrow if anyone wants. if anyone plans on doing it i would definantly put a thick coat of primer after sanding them because it makes them look way smoother.

Lu Scola
11-21-08, 11:09 AM
You do know our factory ballasts work with the aftermarket HID bulbs?

sam hamm
11-21-08, 12:23 PM
You do know our factory ballasts work with the aftermarket HID bulbs?

yea yea ive got 6k in my heads and fogs now. i was just saying i remember the kit was 230 without the ballast for the heads