: Home Brew Vehicle tracking

06-23-04, 11:21 AM
I was thinking of a way that I might be able to setup a home brew vehicle tracking if my car ever gets stolen. What I came up with was this.

1 cheapy laptop with either 2 USB or 1 USB 1 SERIAL.
1 USB GPS reciever
1 Cheapy Cell with connect to PC for internet capabilities.
1 vehicle Power adaptor for PC
1 DC adapor for Cell phone.

Cut the ends off the power adapors and wire into the trunk like a car stereo. Then affix the cell phone to the inside of the fender from the trunk side. Then place the laptop to the back of the back seat, and connect the GPS reciever to the edge of the trunk lid.

Plug eveything in to each other. Now the idea behind this is that if your vehicle is ever stolen to get to a computer with a modem and dial the cell in the car. Once that starts talking to the computer you can start tracking it with a built in webserver on the computer that would startup and log the GPS antenna.

Now all I need is the programming to make the computer startup and log the GPS and feed that through the webserver to the person logged in over the cellphone. I'm thinking I could use a linux disto with apache then program a CGI that does it all.

just get a cell with built in GPS and login and activate a program that will hang up on you... and call 911 (which activates the GPS) and plays a pre recorded message that says "This vehicle has been stolen please track and recover it. The owners contact information is Blah blah blah blah." then repeat.

What do you think? an I totally nuts?

06-23-04, 11:50 AM
Not nuts at all, but if you are, then so am I. I'm also a tech freak constantly thinking of ways at replicating systems that already exist.

06-23-04, 12:43 PM
i have a pocket pc phone edition, and b4 i broke it ... i would be on a forum where a buncha ppl where always makin programs that describe exactly wut u wana do

check it out, and do a search for gps trackin or sumthin like that


06-23-04, 01:21 PM
Thank you. And I'm thinking the PDA would be smaller and I'm sure I can get an older one for cheap now that the PDA/Cell combo's are out. and with a cell plan that allows you to add an extra line for like $10 then thats a cheap vehicle recovery system. you just leave the phone for the second line in the trunk and you won't have to get another plan or anything.