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11-19-08, 10:43 AM
My rear air shocks are leaking and I would like to replace them with regular shocks. Any problems in doing this? Somehow I would have to bypass the error codes from not having my air shocks or leveling system.I am looking for something that offers a smooth ride-not interested in a stiff ride. Monroe sensortracs have been mentioned before-any ideas are appreciated-thanks!

11-20-08, 04:15 PM
i heard that those for pontiac gto 2004 till 2006 work and our cadis so you can try them. the price is around 35 dollars for each one. just pull out your control panel and pull out that fuse from the control level easy cake..:stirpot:

11-21-08, 09:04 AM
Just to warn you be carefull with how much you load your car... because with those new shocks the rear will sit lower when loaded... my buddy and his GTO shocks 2 ppl in the rear seat and the back end sits way lower then before.. .mine has the leveling shocks in the rear and even with 3 peopl in it you cant even tell the extra load...

For witner I use 2 bags of salt and 2-45lb steel plates for extra traction... and you cant even tell the extra weight!>..

11-21-08, 01:28 PM
Thanks for the info-guys! I guess I will go with the Monroe Air shocks in the back. I will order them and try to install them in a couple of weeks. Do you know of any problems I will run into? Next year I will tackle the front struts and bushings. Thanks for the help!

11-23-08, 04:51 PM
what air shock are you getting for your caddy?I have been looking to see what will work on my 99 sls .I have a custom sub box in the trunk and its weighing it down in the back..thanks for your help

11-28-08, 11:25 PM
i heard that those for pontiac gto 2004 till 2006 work and our cadis so you can try them. the price is around 35 dollars for each one. just pull out your control panel and pull out that fuse from the control level easy cake..:stirpot:

I replaced my blown rear air shocks with stock GTO shocks, Monroe sens-a-trac units from rockauto. It came to roughly $60 shipped for both. Far cheaper than the $80+ each for the air shocks.
The GTO shocks came with bushings that seemed too small for the shock tower opening... the steel spacer sleeve on top of the Catera shock was rust fused onto the Catera shock. The Catera shock mount bushings were too "loose" on the shock mounting stud without the sleeve, so I used the GTO shocks + bushings without the sleeve, which it seems they were meant to be used without. The mounting stud on the GTO shocks also seems to be too short no matter what bushings were used. I had to have a friend push up from under the car as hard as he could for me to get the nut started inside the trunk. It could just be because the bushings were new. Once I got the nut started and tightened down there seemed to be no issue.
I have since driven about 4000 miles with no issue, knock on wood.
My intentions were to get new spacer sleeves like the stock Catera shocks had and fit them with the Catera replacement bushings that seem more form fitting to the shock tower, but motivation is low with the cold weather here and not much room or time to work on the car.

02-01-09, 12:42 PM
i just put a set of munro sensa tracs on the rear of my 97 cat:worship:era . i used a set that is listed for a 2003 saab 95. they bolted right in and are working great.

02-02-09, 05:49 PM
I wrote a comprehensive post Re: Catera Suspension Upgrades (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-catera-cimarron-forum/137056-aftermarket-suspension-bushings.html). It started being about bushings but grew to cover the entire suspension (F/R). The following covers springs and shocks/struts.

SPRINGS (Front & Rear)

Intrax Lowering Springs: Part # INT-25-1-001
Lower the car 1.6 inch (40.6mm) front and 1.4 inch (35.5mm) rear.

VOGTLAND Lowering Springs: part # 955120
Lower the car 1.2 inch (30mm) F&R.

Eibach Lowering Springs: part # E-6532-140
Lower the car 1.2 inches (30mm) F&R.

BILSTEIN Coil Springs - 007967
Front Right Spring: part # FE1-D403
Front Left Spring: part # FE1-D402
Rear Springs: part # FE1-D020

BILSTEIN Coil Springs - 007969
Front Right Spring: part # FE1-D448
Front Left Spring: part # FE1-D404
Rear Springs: part # FE1-D020


Koni Sport Struts & Shocks:
-Sport Strut: part # 8610-1315Sport (insert in OE strut; externally adjustable for rebound)
-Sport Shock: part # 80-2591Sport (non-air, must disable self leveling; rebound adjustment made before installation)
Struts & Shocks: Sport ride.

BILSTEIN (Opel/Vauxhall)
-Strut - B4 Gas: part # VNE-4480 (OE Replacement)
-Shock Absorber - B4 Gas: part # BNE-2861 (OE Replacement)
-Strut - B6 SPORT: part # VE3-4425 (Firm)
-Shock Absorber - B6 SPORT: part # B46-2260 (Firm)
-Strut - B8 SPRINT: part # VE3-4426 (Firm/Lowered)
-Shock Absorber - B6 SPORT: part # B46-2258 (Firm/Lowered)
-Boot & Bumpstop: part # ASP-C245 (front)

-Strut: # 334903
-Strut Mount: part # SM5285
-Shock Mount: part # SM5287
-Strut Boot & Bumpstop: part # SB101
Strut only. OEM ride. No adjustments.

Sensatrac Strut: part # 71503 (Twin-tube low pressure gas unit similiar to OEM)
Max-Air Rear Shocks: part # MA825 (For use with self leveling)
Upper Mount: part # 903932
Front Boot & Bumpstop: part # 63619

ACDELCO Strut: part # 506592 {#09192250} Right / # 506591 {#09192249} Left
Factory Replacement w/o SPORT APPEARANCE PKG (RPO-TV5)

ACDELCO Strut: part # 506594 {#09192292} Right / # 506593 {#09192291} Left
Factory Replacement w/SPORT APPEARANCE PKG (RPO-TV5)

ACDELCO Part # 560227 {#72119084}
Factory Replacement - Catera

ACDELCO Part # 560228 {#72119087}
Factory Replacement - Catera Sport

Gabriel Ultra Strut: part # G56769
OE replacement

NOTE: The following rear shock absorbers are for the 2004 Pontiac GTO. Owners who have used them assure me they will fit. Try at your own risk. GTO front struts will not fit but the Front & Rear springs will.

MONROE SENSATRAC Rear: part # 5786
2004 GTO - OE Replacements

ACDELCO Rear Shock: part # 560595 {#92157266}
Factory Replacements for 2004 Pontiac GTO

Pedders Suspensions - GTO Sport Ryder Springs (front & rear):
GTO SR Front Coil 0 Drop #2142
GTO SR Front Coil -20mm Drop #2151
GTO SR Front Coil -35mm Drop #2275
GTO SR Rear Coil -35mm Drop #2641
GTO SR Rear Coil -20mm Drop #2643
GTO SR Rear Coil 0 Drop #7643
Pedders GTO Sport Ryder Springs. All are 45% to 50% stiffer than stock.

Pedders Suspensions - GTO Rear Shocks:
GTO Touring CG Shock #8081 (street)
GTO GSR Rear Shock #9095 (street/track)
GTO GSR Big Bore Shock #9195 (track)
All Pedders shocks are firmer that stock to varying degrees.

02-05-09, 10:53 AM
I replaced mine with the gto rears and had no mounting issues. Bolted right up with no noticable diffrence from the stock ones, and zip tied the little level sensing arm in the up position to keep the air pump from knowng things were off. Worked perfectly.

Just Suday I had to tow my street bike on the trailer with 3 people in the rear (5 in car total) and it worked fine. May have "looked" lower but did not bottom out or have any real issues. The gto shocks are not harsh but are a much needed upgrade in my eyes.