: Water leak

Rob Benham
11-18-08, 12:58 PM
Hi, I've got a coolant leak on a 95 FWB.

The problem is that the water is coming out of some place that is very near to the A/C drain. That area is always wet, but the color of the water is clearly coolant, and the level is going down an inch or so a day.

The car has never leaked before.

The carpets are dry.

Is there anything to check near to the point where the pipes go in to the heater. I've checked those pipes of course.

Back of the engine, spraying onto the bulkhead? Anything like that known?

Appreciate your help


Rob Benham
11-18-08, 01:43 PM
This doesn't look good.

When I lowered the car, it tilted back level and rust colored water ran from the A/C drain. I guess the inside coil is leaking onto the catch-tray...does that make sense?

11-18-08, 07:09 PM
You have a hole in your heater core. Need a new one. You disconnect the hoses at the firewall, and the heater core comes out from under the dash inside.

Rob Benham
11-19-08, 01:19 AM
I'd got some idea that it was a day long battle with bits of plastic just to see the darn thing, is it getatable without too much pain?

11-19-08, 08:59 AM
took me several, several hours to do mine but it was a firebird. Pain in the ass if you ask me. Had to take the whole dash out even though Haynes said it was a couple of bolts, it was wrong.

11-19-08, 12:04 PM
You don't have to take the whole dash out. It helps to take out the passenger seat, though, so you have a place to lie on your back. Put a towel down so the seat studs don't stab your kidneys!
- take out the lower dash trim
- take out the cover on the HVAC box
- remove the cover on the heater core. There is one nut on the firewall where the floor bends up that is very hard to get to. I used a flex attachment on a nut driver
- go under the hood and remove the heater hoses
- replace the core
- refill coolant
- bleed system

I'm likely forgetting details. I belive book time is four hours. I did my first one in two and a half. It was cold out:crybaby:

Rob Benham
11-19-08, 03:00 PM
Thanks for that. Yeh, I'm getting a bit old and bulky, I could install a bunk in there I guess.

Anyway, it sounds doable, but as I'm nearly as far south in Texas as you can get, I may just not bother. We're still pumping heat out of our house on a daily basis. Having said that, I have a wife that would want if fixed even if it was for one day a year, so I'll have to try I suppose.

Thanks again,