: 06 xlr-v dvd unlock code

11-17-08, 08:05 PM
does anyone know where i can get info to unlock my dvd so passenger can watch while i drive? 06 xlr-v

Fire and Ice
11-20-08, 11:33 AM
There are companies that advertise products here that will enable you to watch movies while you drive.... That just sounds SO unsafe. :eek:

11-21-08, 10:31 AM
I agree that its unsafe, but I can tell you there are times when watching a DVD while moving isn't so bad.

Like waiting in a line of cars to pick up kids at the school... often times you can just sit in your car for about 20mins moving a foot or so at a time - so starting/stopping the movie would be a pain while inching up.

11-23-08, 01:05 AM
The DVD unlock code function is available on 04-05 XLRs. It was removed during the 06 model year build, so your vehicle may not support it.

1. With the engine running and the vehicle in PARK, press and hold the "note" key below the volume knob.
2. When the keyboard screen apppears, enter 1791, then press ENTER.
3. Remove the map DVD, and insert the movie DVD.
4. Shift into DRIVE and enjoy.
5. Be safe. We're sharing the road too.


11-28-08, 12:25 PM
1791 code fails to work on my 06 xlr-v.does anyone know where i can get help to unlock it or some other way to do it???????????

01-11-09, 12:02 AM
what does 660 do?

02-26-09, 08:03 PM
Ok guys, im just not getting it here...

How can I watch DVDs while driving my 05 CTS-V...

Ive been searching forever!!


03-10-09, 11:36 AM
I have been searching forever as well has anyone came up with a code to unlock the DVD function while driving in the '06 XLR-V?

John O'Quinn
06-22-09, 02:29 AM
Hey, did you ever get the unlock code to work? I have a 2006 XLR_V also--

08-18-09, 10:13 AM
I purchased a code on e-bay for my 06 XLR V , the guy refunded me as it didnt work:tisk: