: De-activating TPMS

11-17-08, 06:57 PM
Does anyone know how to de-activate the Tire pressure monitoring system from looking for the tire sensors?

The Scientist
11-18-08, 05:21 PM
I have a friend with a Hummer H3 that asked me the same question last night about his ride. (Not to hijack your thread...) Would it be the same procedure?

11-18-08, 06:49 PM
Somebody figures this out PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Winter wheels drive me nuts! Sure Dealer can probably do for a hundred or so!LOL

11-18-08, 08:11 PM
I dont think you can De-Activate them - I know that the memory for them is kept in the Key Fob on my Cts-V, not sure how it works on the Escalades.

11-19-08, 07:24 AM
The only way if possible tro do it correctly is with a Tech II Tool that the dealerships use. If you have big wheels you are better off getting the sensors for the new wheels. :)