: Should I buy this?

DopeStar 156
11-17-08, 05:42 PM
Saturday night I was driving up to Fair Lawn, NJ (about an hour away) in the pouring rain with my defogger blasting when all of a sudden I heard this God-Awful squealing sound from under my hood that got louder with my acceleration, after about a minute of "WTF is that?!" the car stalled out. I noticed the sound stopped with my defogger off so I figured the compressor went and drove the rest of my trip with no defogger. The next day after crashing at the place I drove to I checked it out and sure enough my compressor siezed so i unplugged it so I could have some form of a defogger.....

I was browsing ebay to see if I could find a decently priced A/C Compressor when I stumbled across this.....


A $65 compressor? Sounds too good to be true, should I go for it or just wait and see if I can get it elsewhere? I got a friend with connections at a Chevy dealer who can get me AC Delco for pretty cheap but it won't be no $65.......

11-18-08, 02:10 AM
Go with geniune GM or A/C Delco parts. I guarntee that chinese made POS ebay unit will go bad within a year.