: Engine Quits When Warm

11-17-08, 02:52 PM
I have a 03 Ext with a Vortec 6000 that ran great when cold but after about 10 minutes quits...wait about 15 minutes to cool down it will start but would run for only a few minutes. The odd thing as well, there was no engine code...nothing on an OBD2 scan.
After lots of reading on these forums, checking the obvious things like fuel pressure, CPU etc, it seemed to be a common theme with the Avalanche with these symtoms (multiple pages) to replace the crankshaft position sensor.
Its almost impossible to find on the 6L engine but it's behind the starter motor. Not on top of the bell housing or by the harmonic balancer.
Amazingly that was the solution to this problem.
I believe this is going to be a common problem with the escalade as well.

Hopefully this helps someone

11-17-08, 07:16 PM
I like when people actually take the time to post solutions to their problems like you have done here.

It might go a loooong way to help someone in the future.