: Never, Never Ever Buy Rims From "The Spot Lowrider.com"

Slick Black Cadillac
06-23-04, 01:38 AM
Just warning anyone who may be considering purchacing new rims for their car. I ordered some very expensive rims from them, they promise 10 days till you recieve your order. It has now been nearly a month since they have cashed my check and I have nothing. They refuse to give me an answer on the whereabouts of my rims. Now when I call I get put on hold then hung up on!! I'm freaked out and I don't know what to do. STAY FAR AWAY!!!!

06-23-04, 06:18 AM
Call your lawyer son...

06-23-04, 09:59 AM
Thanks for the warning, because I was considering them.

Slick Black Cadillac
06-24-04, 12:16 AM
Had my lawyer call them and threaten. Suddenly the boss who was gone for the day just 10 mins eariler was around.... Amazing! She (the boss) promised to ship them today and call wit a tracking number. Never called never shipped. On to phaze two.

06-24-04, 12:23 AM
phaze two: Lock and Load !!!!!!!Im feeling a road trip !!!!!!

Slick Black Cadillac
06-24-04, 12:24 AM
We're thinkin along the same lines...

06-24-04, 02:50 AM
You could also post in every car forum that you can find that they're crooks. It'd be some doings I suppose, but everyone would be saved from these sharks. They'd lose many a sale. With the internet, the power of one is increased :D

06-24-04, 09:04 AM
Dont know if I can type another forum name but one of the big lowrider ones (LAY it_____) has alot of people that already dislike that vendor.....try looking there if you can find anything out.

06-24-04, 09:37 AM
File a patition with the court. if your lawyer couldn't wake them up then maybe geting a summons to court will. if they come up with your stuff then you just drop the case. If they don't. You take it all the way.

If they are in a different state, from what I understand, they have to send a representative to your state for the court proceedings. But you have to have a PHYSICAL address to have the papers delievered. I got screwed when I spent $2000 on a computer that I bought online and never got it.

06-24-04, 01:47 PM
Try your local District Attorney. In many jurisdictions, mine included, they have special units to prosecute consumer fraud cases. I am sure that you are not the only screwed by them.

Good luck.