: My 2009 CTS-V Order, Help is needed & appreciated !!

11-17-08, 03:37 AM
Hey guys,

I have become a big fan of Cadillac forums the moment I heard of the 2009 CTS-V. Since then, its pretty much one of the websites i have to surf everyday ! :rolleyes:

Anyway I went to my local dealer (I live in Oman) to ask about the CTS-V2 pricing, estimated dates of delivery, options and procedures of ordering.

Currently, I use 2008 G35 Sedan as my daily driver, I like the car, its packed with nice features and power, but I just cant resist the CTS-V2, its just on a total another league !

Coming from the G35, I have few questions for those who got the chance to test drive it in Monticello, NY, or the forum dealers who know better than my local dealer.

1- I love having a Reverse Camera, is it possible to get this done since I know its not an option on the CTS-V2 ?

2- I have never owned a V8 Daily Driver before, would it burn much more gas than my current G35 ? assuming regular driving conditions ?

3- Would the CTS-V2 make a comfortable daily driver ?

4- I have the Rear Differential Cooler information and part number (20792934 "has been posted in the other thread"), what I am lacking is the optional Brakes part number, because my dealer insist that those are the standard brakes I am getting on the CTS-V2, although I insisted there are 2 different Brembo brakes available for the CTS-V2, If anyone happen to have the part number for the Track Brembo brakes or can guide me on whats the option official name is, it would be a great help, also is the only difference between the 2 brakes that the track brakes comes with Non-Slotted 2 piece rotors while the standard ones come with a single piece slotted rotor and everything else in the actual brakes are identical ?

Regarding the Rear Differential Cooler, does anyone have anymore insight on the Rear Differential Cooler ? (Yes im planning to do tracking on the V2 on weekends whenever I have the chance)

Here is what I plan to order:

A- Thunder Gray color.
B- Recaro Vented Seats.
C- Ultraview sunroof.
D- Automatic Transmission 6L90-E (Does the Standard 2009 CTS come with this Transmission ?)
D- Track Package : Brakes and Rear Differential Cooler
My only concern with the V2 is reliability, now I know I am posting in a Cadillac forum, but I would really appreciate to hear from someone who owned Cadys the last couple years along with other European or Japanese cars, are American made cars less reliable under same driving conditions ? I know this is a touchy issue, but I would like to keep my CTS-V2 for at least 3 years, and I would love to be able to enjoy that experience. :cheers:

Excuse my English, its not my mother tongue language, and hopefully I will make a good member !!! :cool:


11-17-08, 12:18 PM

The engine in the V2 is a beefed up Chevy small block, and I can't think of an engine that's more reliable than that (maybe the Chevy big block).

The transmission is heavy duty, the diff has an oil cooler and they're offering a track brake package and Recaro seats. Based upon what they're offering, I'd say they feel very comfortable with the cars durability if tracked frequently, so you should too. The diff is also cast iron and they made the half shafts different diameters to eliminate wheel hop when doing a burnout.

The brakes you want aren't available until sometime next year. The main difference is they're non-slotted - slotted rotors wear pads down faster than non-slotted rotors.

11-18-08, 04:39 PM
I want the exact car as you posted with Nav. And black seats. I wonder if the grey seats would look good with the Thunder Grey exterior. I also wonder will the microfiber steering wheel hold up or should I stick with wood or leather? I've never had a "cloth" feeling steering wheel. I feel it would be odd not sliding through my fingers like I'm used to. Does anyone have an opinion on this option? Anyone see it yet? feel it?

My confusion- dealer doesn't seem to know either. Is the Track package for both the brakes and the Diff cooler? or brakes only?. Is there a price yet? And when is "sometime next year"? Is that January 09? June? December? Any inside info?


11-18-08, 05:27 PM
Hey CJ,

I am getting the car with a Navigation and black seats too, I saw the gray interior with Thundergray exterior, it didnt look pleasant, the Suede Leather steering wheel feel is very nice and has a better grip.

My questions are still unanswered, however they confirmed my order (Still waiting on the track package brakes) and estimated time of delivery is March 2009 !! its worth the wait, and honestly, i dont want to get the first production line, so I would rather wait and get it to avoid any discrepancies.


11-19-08, 04:45 PM
I think the black is for me as well. No polished wheels for me with the thunder grey. I like the stealthy look better than the bling look March is when I want mine as well. The snow should be melting in Michigan, so timing may be perfect for the track package. I hope the recaro seats issue is worked out by then too.

Sounds like we may have the same car. I'll have to feel the wheel and shifter covers for myself.. I'm going to an unveiling of the Escalade Hybrid and V at a dealer here with a wine and cheese sort of shindig. I will go over the options with a fine tooth comb. The anticipation is building. This will be a long winter while I'm waiting.

See you at the track