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11-16-08, 08:26 AM
Darnit! Just as I'm counting down to moving on the 30th and therefore busy as hell running around, the muffler decides to self-destruct on my Brougham. The case split open, the hangar broke and this weight caused the joint to the rear of the cat to rotate and kill the joining cone thingy. Funny thing is, the car was actually not that noisy.

So yesterday I had to go to the muffler shop and get it fixed. Went to Noyzboyz, a highly respected shop amongst the hobby car people here in Toronto. They specialize in building anything they don't have in stock.

After checking it out they invited me under the car to survey their findings. I like that. You know exactly what's up before they start work. They found some stuff I wasn't aware of :bigroll: in the downpipe that crosses from the left bank to meet the right downpipe before the cat there is a seam split about 4' long. in it's centre, there was a small opening through the inner skin, so there was a spitting noise of exhaust there. These pipes are double-skinned from the factory. The cat is original, so they were estimating over $900 to fix everything, but likely more because the manifold studs are looking like there's a good possibility of snapping on removal of the nuts.

Obviously then there's oodles more labour involved to re-stud the manifolds. After a brief discussion, I opted for brazing the split and replacing the centre pipe and muffler....around $300. Too many other things I need to spend money on right now.

They built the centre pipe from scratch. Beautiful bends an' all. I asked for a stainless Magnaflow sports muffler. They hooked it all up, less the rear pipe and asked me to verify I liked the sound before finishing up. I call that customer care. With tax it cost $339 which I'm happy with.

The car is quiet. If you stand at the back with it idling there's this quiet doom,doom,doom noise. Subtle sound of power from the 350. Give it some revs and it gets louder, but never raspy sounding. The sound suits the car beautifully. When accelerating, inside the car you hear a nice meaty sound, but again it's a kind of classy power sound....none of this Jap-crap tuner car sound.

Best bit is the car is way smoother feeling than it was before. It idles smoother and there's definitely more low end torque. It was raining all day yesterday and I kept spinning the wheels when pulling away. Got to get used to it with this extra power :cool2:

So for anyone in the Toronto area I'm definitely recommending Noyzboyz and Magnaflow is a good choice for a '91 Brougham if you're in need of a new muffler.


11-16-08, 10:59 PM
Nice! Did you go single outlet or dual?

My '91 Brougham with the 5.7 liter came with a dual Flowmaster exhaust. Sounds nice at idle and WOT. Not loud inside the car at all.

11-17-08, 05:14 PM
I'm not giving up my Ravins with true dual and midrange headers on my 96 Fleetwood. Thing sounds like a purpose built race engine at WOT. Though the cam might be helping that too. :)