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Captain wow
11-15-08, 08:50 PM
Hi, im new to this site, its amazing! possibly one of about ten useful sites on the entire net!

I live in the UK and have dreamed of getting a cadillac since i was a kid.
I have had caddys for the last 6 years,

1. Started off with a handpainted 79 seville,
2. Then a busted diesel 81 fleetwood (we chopped the roof off and used it in a music video then sold it on for spares)
3. Then a lovley 78 seville-bueatiful drive and ACE RED INTERIOR but not "cadillac" shaped ed enough for me.
4. Next was an evil black 79 coupe deville brilliant car, tinted windows, white letter tyres, This one had an LPG conversion with the tank in the boot.- had to selliit on due to 100 oil leaks!
5. Then i went onto my dream model- a very sweet red 73 eldorado-55,000 miles, white half roof, white and red interior sweet jesus thats a pimp mobile!
Work was slow so i sold that on- (oddly enough the guy who bough it is the same chap i bought my very first caddy seville from!)

So hen i went stupid and got a big black chevy g20 day van!!! AAGGHH

6. Thankfully now ive returned to the big block party and have just bought a 78 eldo biarritz- very low orig miles- mint interior- but the paint is tatty from a respray-originally it was metallic brown-then someone shavd the mid side crome strips and painted itall crazy with murals and crap all over it- then it came to uk and they sprayedit all black-but something went wrong as the black has now crazed and cacked all over the place. other htan the paint it is a petty great car...although its already needed new egr/tyres/alternator.

Anyway thats me. Cheers everyone!

11-15-08, 09:00 PM
Welcome to the Forum! Must be interesting navigating round the UK in those "land yachts." Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

Captain wow
11-15-08, 09:16 PM
Its ridiculous! And i love it!! I live in Bristol which is a city on the west across form London. The streets were built for horse and carriage.

I cant imagine spending the same money and driving round in some dull vw or whatever! its insane. Only thing is petrol prices over-im planning an LPG conversion asap.

Do you have LPG over in the states, if so do many people have it on there caddys?

Also how do i post pictures here?


11-15-08, 10:06 PM
Very few LPG/CNG conversions, mostly for government, utility, and county agencies desiring to look "green". We're down to <$2.00/US gallon for 87 octane gasoline right now in most rural areas, so the push for liquefied gasses will decrease for a time.

Wait a few more posts, then look at the bottom of your post, for the "go advanced" and then "manage attachments" tabs. I have a folder which is entitled "post resizes" in which I keep reduced file size pictures and diagrams for posting in threads. The "manage attachments" window allows me to open the picture folder and upload only those pictures germane to the thread of interest.

Oh, BTW........Welcome Aboard !!! You'll have a hoot with this group of loonies.........

(..........and always keep your yacht in Bristol condition.........) Too bad you guys are plagued with the GPS drivers who put a double-decker bus in a town laid out for 2-horse chariots...........

11-15-08, 10:15 PM

11-16-08, 12:20 AM
:welcome5: Thanks for signing up. :D

11-16-08, 11:44 PM
Howdy and :welcome: