View Full Version : Few Questions...help me, my EXT is flipping out!!

11-15-08, 01:21 PM
So I have an 04 EXT.

Lately I have been noticing something I havent before. Does the passenger airbag wording on the rearview mirror ever dim itself and brighten itself on its own depending on how light or dark it is outside? If not, I have noticed mine varying how bright the wording is lately.

Anyways, on to the annoying point.

Last night while asleep, my EXT just started flipping out with the factory alarm. The horn honking and all my lights flashing. I got up out of bed to go look outside. The truck is fine. No one around. So i unlocked the truck opened my doors just to check everything is ok....ok, go back in and fall asleep for 2 hours. 7am the truck horn is honking and lights flashing etc. WTF...why is my truck acting like this. I got it to stop finally.

Well on the way to drop my buddy off at his house, the truck dinged and my dash said right rear door ajar. Ok so my buddy reached back toward the back and reshut the door. All seemed fine. Right before we got to his house, it dinged and said it again. So when he got out he shut my truck door again just in case. Ok that helped.

Im driving down the road....DAMN IT...right rear door ajar again, but its totally shut. So i get home, unplug the battery on the truck for a while and then decide to plug it back and lock the doors and go inside. After about an hour of playing ont he computer, my truck is honking again and lights flipping out. Ok, my guess is somehow my right rear door keeps thinking it keeps coming ajar when it is really closed, and its tripping the alarm when my truck is locked. Anyone else have any issues like this happen? If so, how did you fix? anything I can do? This is annoying as hell, and I bet my neighbors hate me if this continues!!! help me....:mad:

11-15-08, 06:01 PM
Sounds like a bad ground. My buddies truck had the same problem. Luckilly it was under warranty because it took them like 4 hours to figure out.