View Full Version : Leather dye, wrinkle fillers, etc on my Plat ESV

11-14-08, 11:52 PM
First of all, I LOVE my ESV Platinum-it's in perfect condition....except I am starting to get the wrinkling, cracked look at the seat bolsters. On a Mercedes of mine, i ordered this dye that was a rub on (like shoe polish). Thought about having one of those mixed again.

However, I see several kits that include a tube of filler that you add to the seat and smooth, which fills in those wrinkles. Then, the dye is added after the filler dries.

Wanted to see if anyone has used this process and your results. I hate having a perfect truck and then people opening the door and that's the first thing they see.


Lu Scola
11-15-08, 01:56 AM
We have a guy who comes to our lot and uses a professional kit like that. You should get some practice before doing your escalade. I'd go to the junkyard and buy some cheap interior parts. get some practice first. It not as easy as it looks to be.