: New tone door panel project and custom midgate wall

Lu Scola
11-14-08, 11:14 PM
I'm now working a 2 new projects. I am buliding my Midgage Wall for my EXT and two-toning my door panels Black and Tan

Midgate Wall:

I have decided to only leave 1- 10" Solabaric which will be in the middle. On the left will be my fridge. It's on the left so that it will be easier to get to by folding down the smaller rear seat. On the right will my 12 disc cd changer, my 6 disc DVD player. Below the two changers Im going old school and installing the original Nintendo Entertainment. I'll find a spot to make a cartrige holder in the wall for my games.

Door Panels

I started today with the lights that are on the doors. I did a medium smoke on them. This was done at a professional body shop. They came out perfect. I am removing the fuzzy trim on the bottom of the doors, and putting black leather with maybe Cadillac Symbols embroided. Im gonna paint the plasic trim piece around the door handles black. Also dye the cloth around the speaker pods black. Remove the leather with all the small holes in it and replace with black leather. I want to put some 5" screens somewhere in all 4 of the doors. In the spring I am going to get all my seats re-done black and tan two tone.

Need Seats?

My passenger seat is in great condition. My rear nench seat is in immaculant condition. They will be stripped so if anybody has some rough seat amd would like to swap before I get them done. I figured why let good leather go to waste maybe i can help someone else out. If someone needs them youd have to come to me at a shop to get them swapped right then and there. Your seats must fully function properly.

11-15-08, 09:11 AM
Nice, thats one of my winter projects too, doing a new carpet black, black seats, then two toning the interior - black up to the top of the glove box all the way around and leaving from there up tan. I think it'll look real sharp. Cant wait to see some pics when yours is done.