View Full Version : How do I install a fuel pump on a '79 Deville?

11-14-08, 07:20 PM
My Phaeton blew the fuel pump, now I need to replace it. How do I go about doing that? I've never replaced one before, and honestly, I don't really know what I'm getting into. Is it pretty straight forward, or are there any tricks to it? Any info would be great, I don't want to have to take it to the mechanic for this.

BTW, obviously, it's the 425. :)



11-14-08, 07:26 PM
Yep it's real easy. You can get a new pump from Advanced, Autozone, etc. for about $50.

It's mounted on the front driver side of the engine block, just behind the fan and radiator and adjacent to the water pump. It's held on by two bolts (1/2" if I recall correctly). Then it pulls out of the block and the arm that sticks in there. Two rubber fuel lines plug into the bottom of the pump by hose clamp, and one metal fuel line which goes to the carb. Unscrew and disconnect those, and put the new pump in. Make sure you get it in right, so that arm is the way it was when it came out. Then re-screw everything back on. And fire away!

Also, don't do this repair will the back of the car uphill. The gas will pour out all over you!


11-18-08, 12:05 PM
Let me just add something to this. If I remember correctly, there is a push rod that may slide out of a hole in the block. This rod is in between the arm of the pump and the cam. It just hangs in there, so when you remove the pump, watch for that to fall out.

11-20-08, 04:21 PM
no push rod on these motors.. the pump arm hits right on the cam...