: Had a crappy sub today.

11-13-08, 11:00 PM
Went to Lenny's Sub Shop for lunch. Apparently its a small national chain. They serve a mix of hot and cold sandwiches.

First thing I noticed was how cramped the place was. People were standing around bumping into each other. They go by an order number system. You place an order, get a ticket, your number is called, they ask what you want on it, and then you pay.

I guess its efficient, but it didn't seem that fast to me. Plus, Jimmy Johns can pump out a sandwich in 10 seconds without having to call out its customers.

The most important part of a sandwich, without question, is the bread. Some write it off as nothing but a delivery mechanism for meat, but they would be completely wrong. The flavor of the meat, the interaction of sauces, and the delivery itself is defined entirely by the density, flavor, and quality of bread.

Lenny's uses a cheap, narrow, sponge-like loaf that lacks density, like someone cheaped out on flour. When you get to the end of the sandwich where there's extra bread, a little sauce, and no meat, you expect a small fresh-baked reward.

Not so with Lenny's. You ever buy cheap hot dog buns for a kids' birthday party, because you don't care if they enjoy the taste? The buns that break apart like bricks when you open them... well that's Lenny's.

I ordered a large cheesesteak on white, which was 15 inches long and came as two individually wrapped 7.5" sandwiches. There were no mushrooms, a lack of onions, but the meat was tender and juicy enough. Provolone was flavorful but cheese portioning was stingy.

After I got it home, my entire apartment stunk like bad meat. I scarfed it down, and my burps tasted like farts.

I won't be going back.

11-13-08, 11:12 PM
I had a cheesesteak from Subway a few weeks ago that I was throwing up later.

I hate when that shit happens.

11-14-08, 01:20 AM
I made my own sandwich by frying up a cubed steak in a skillet with sliced Bermuda onion and mushrooms. Slapped on a toasted 4 1/2" hamburger bun. Damn it was good.

Spittin Game
11-14-08, 02:45 AM
Jersey Mikes FTW!!!

11-14-08, 08:30 AM
Cheesesteaks sound good in theory, but I don't like having to deal with the onions.

As far as sandwich shops go, I don't like Subway, I don't like Jimmy Johns, I don't like Quiznos. The only place around here that I really do like is Schlotzky's. :cloud9:

11-14-08, 11:11 AM
This may sound a little 'out-there' but locally our Publix Supermarkets makes one heck of a good sub; good bread, plenty of ingredients and nice and spicey spices, ie. mustard, vinegar, peppers, etc. It's a little messy to eat (that's a good thing as far as taste goes, at least to me), so if you have a Publix nearby, give them a try. Publix, I don't think is National, but are scattered throughout the Southeast (including Florida).

The Tony Show
11-14-08, 12:18 PM
Yeah, Publix subs are pretty darn good. I just placed an order for a Quizno's Prime Rib sub, which should arrive in the next 20 minutes for lunch. :drool:

11-14-08, 12:30 PM
There's a one-off pizzeria here, run by Italians and Spaniards, with the unremarkable name "Classic Pizza". Their food, including every type of sub (hoagie, grinder, wherever you are.....) you can think of is drop-dead delicious. I sympathize with Jesda: the roll makes the sub, and Classic bakes their own. A 10" provolone cheesesteak with fried onion, mayo, hot peppers and lettuce is $5.50. It's a 2-hand proposition.

11-14-08, 12:57 PM
I remember going to a Publix when I was in Sanibel Island in August of '05.

c5 rv
11-14-08, 01:16 PM
Went to Lenny's Sub Shop for lunch ... I ordered a large cheesesteak on white ... they left off the bacon ... I won't be going back.

Took care of the Cliff Notes for you....

11-14-08, 01:43 PM
Quiznos Honey Bacon Club on Rosemary Parm bread. My favorite "sub shop" sammich.

A proper Cheesesteak doesnt have mushrooms and your nasty for suggesting you want them.

And I dont even want to know how you know what a fart tastes like.

11-14-08, 02:11 PM
and my burps tasted like farts.

Rusty trombone gone bad???? :bonkers:


11-16-08, 11:34 PM
Rusty trombone gone bad???? :bonkers:



I about fell out of the chair laughing

11-17-08, 10:06 AM
Subway is decent.

Jimmy Johns is good.

Quiznos is TRASH and overpriced.

Jersey Dikes and Publix FTW!!! Unfortunately I only get these once or twice a year when Im in Florida.

11-17-08, 11:36 AM
Rusty trombone gone bad???? :bonkers:


OH GOD! :suspense:

11-17-08, 11:38 AM

I recommend Boars Head Roast Beef! (or turkey)