: This guy really should have bought an automatic

11-11-08, 04:54 PM
Silly Ricers....


11-11-08, 05:06 PM
Silly Ricers....


WOW!!! Bummer.

11-11-08, 05:35 PM
lol @ audience

"what the **** was that"

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11-11-08, 07:00 PM
Silly Ricers....


yeah, thats about as far away from ricer as you can get. that car has run a 9.14 @ 164 mph in the qtr mile so far.

11-11-08, 08:29 PM
I bet there's a user or two on the Cadillac forum that can't shift a stick :D

Spittin Game
11-11-08, 08:49 PM
Oh man, that guy in the crowd made the whole clip..."WTF was that...hell ya...WTF was that"


11-11-08, 09:57 PM
I bet there's a user or two on the Cadillac forum that can't shift a stick :D

I bet there are a lot of people everywhere who can't drive a stick. I learned on a tractor and it also taught me clutch/idle control. Now I can do pretty well off roading with a manual because of it.

Night Wolf
11-11-08, 10:45 PM
A manual transmission brings whole new life to an automobile.... the Isuzu is cool to drive with it, the BMW is flat out awesome with it.... in comparison automatics are boring.... probably one of the reasons why the Lincoln has been parked in the driveway under a car cover since the BMW came home.

Yeah, I wouldn't call that car a ricer tho... sucks about the shift, I'd done that a couple times, just nowhere near redline.... I remember way back when, my friend in his '94 Jetta 2.0 was doing that very thing, going to shift into 3rd, missed it and went to 1st.... I don't remember what the tach went to, 7k? but I remember looking over and seeing the tach fly way beyond redline and peg out, while the engine kept racing higher... no idea how it didn't fly apart, I heard the 2.0 is a tough engine.

11-13-08, 05:59 AM
Only time ive ever done something like that was the first time I ever rode an ATV... I was about 12 and almost went flying over the handle bars, haha, good times

11-13-08, 06:46 PM
Im guessing his oil pan looked similiar to this...


Oh yeah...


Its supposed to look like this....