: security or short?

11-10-08, 10:28 PM
Ok well i have a 2001 deville. I belive it is a security problem or a short im so confused. Ok well one day i was coming down my block and the digital speedo read 45..80..140 it was just going crazy so i was like wtf? I parked it and the headlights/fuel pump stayed on...ok? I pop the hood and start looking at fuses relays and when i pull the a/c clutch relay the lights and pump shut off. OK well that was august and it hasent started since then. When you turn on the ignition it says service air bag, service theft system. When you try to start it the relay in the back under the seat clicks but thats all no starter at all. What could it be im totally stumped me and my dad tried everything.

any help will be greatly appreciated

12-08-08, 12:16 PM
im in the same boat....

mph, rpm, everything went nutz.....
now car wont start or even try to crank... fuel pump stays humming even once u turn the car "off" and pull the key out.

fustrating because you kno its not anything really serious