View Full Version : 05 CTS Audio Upgrade Suggestions

11-10-08, 05:03 PM
Hey everyone, new to posting, and there is an overwhelming amount of posts, so even at the risk of ridicule and exile, i will ask anyways.

Basically, I am looking to do something about upgradeing my system, at the moment its stock non-bose cd player with XM. It sucks that the DIC is tied in with everything, i definatly dont want to lose that. But i want something more, at least the darn ability to play mp3's. And my Ipod FM MOd is just not cutting it. Also, the sound quality is pretty decent, im sure i can be better, I have grown out of booming systems, i just want something with tight clean sound, and clean louder bass. I dont need it to be heard down the street, just really sound good in the car.

So does anyone have suggestions for me? weither its replacing speakers, or some other crazy ideas, im up for anything!

Thanks alot.