: Got my new custom wood grain bezels for the lower dash console!

Lu Scola
11-10-08, 03:51 PM
Today, I finally after almost 2 months got my custom wood grain bezels in. I put one on temporaraly until I epoxy the bezel to the lower dash area in the morning. This thing will fit like a glove when I finish mounting it correctly. I have 4 extra bezels that I ordered for any future Escalade custom installs or if any forum member wants to add a similiar setup in their truck. Here are some pics. I'll take more when its done being mounted up. Anyone interested PM me for info.

I used to have a suade bezel around my Pioneer Navi unit that looked nice but I wanted to get a custom factory match bezel for a more clean factory match. I made the bezel frame out of MDF boared, and then sent to my buddy who makes the woodgrain kits. He used the template I sent him to fabricate the wood grain overlay. This is no thin cheap sticker. Its made of the best wood grain materials with UV coating protection. It will not crack, fade, or peel. The backing is adhesed by 3M tape. These parts are not sold anywhere! They are custom ordered. I and the reciepants of the other 4 overlays will be the only people with these wood bezels in the Universe!!! It turned out awesome. I'm very happy! My EXT is coming along very nicely. I have a few more upgrades before it is complete.








11-10-08, 05:12 PM
Looks nice bro, I'm looking to do something like that in mine but a touch screen pc. You got any info on the guy that made those for you?

11-10-08, 05:16 PM
Very nice! Love to see quality work.

Spittin Game
11-10-08, 05:21 PM
Im not a fan of woodgrain. You should paint it black like that guy did over in the 07 section.

Lu Scola
11-10-08, 07:05 PM
The reason I got it wood grain is to match the factory pieces. If I was gonna do black then I would have just fiberglassed the frame underneth the wood overlay, painted it black, and saved myself money for the custom wood trims being fabricated. We just painted all the wood trim pieces in a 07 Escalade for a customer. It looked nice but I like wood grain myself. The guy saved the dimensions for future orders. He can do just about any wood style, any solid colors or carbon fibers if anyone has wood painted black. I think the full 55 piece carbon fiber kit he sells would look good with the wood painted black.

Ra0035: The wood guy only deals with distributers and retailers of the wood kits. You would have to have a wholesale account. Send me a pic of what you got and looking to get. I may be able to get you one made.

Lu Scola
11-10-08, 11:12 PM
Here is a few pictures of the wood grain attached to the wood bezel. I put 3M double sided tape on the back of the trim bezel backing to stick it to the console plastic. You can also epoxy/glue the bezel but I chose to just use tape. I did this so its easier to remove. I am always modding, and adding stuff to my truck. Either way is effective and will hold up nicely. Its hard getting a good picture of the bezel, and the right wood color tone due to the lighting and the glare. I seriously took about 70 pictures and went thru them all and singled out the best shots. Im gonna find a monitor that fits this double din opening for a monitor only custom install. This area will hold 2 single din dvd players also. There is so many different options I could make out of this gap.

It sucks that there are som many different styles/shapes/sizes of little nav units like Tom-Tom/Garmin/ECT. I would make a Tom-Tom sit flush inside a bezel, with the factory clock and some other cool thing in the custom bezel. I love making custom parts for installs that nobody else has. It makes the vehicle very unique, original, and your own!








Here is how the bezel would look if it was black. The pic came out dark, its actually the regular wood grain but turned out dark so I put it on here to show a black bezel.


Lu Scola
11-11-08, 12:03 AM
Since this thread is about my custom bezels I have been making. I figured I'd show off one we just made for my Benz.

Here is my Mercedes ML that I just put a Pioneer D3 Navigation unit in. We made a custom black suade bezel for it since the unit would not have fit normally. I also centered the screen. The old radio unit was sitting to the right, and had 2 buttons sitting on the left. It was a fog light button and something else I forgot. It looks so much better with the D3 installed. I am gonna get a wood grain overlay for the Mercedes as well. Look at the perfect fitment around the curves and edges. It turned out lovely!




11-11-08, 07:38 AM
The wood looks good. :)