: speedo says im going, but im not!! also i have a cluch question.

11-09-08, 11:42 PM
when i rev the engine wot, to like 5k rpm, the speedometer (Digital and Needle) says im going like 3 to 5 mph..but im in neutral with parking brake. Could this be a sensor? Or maybe getting a pro tune take care of it?

also, the clutch pressure is very light. I want it too be a little harder. The clutch hydraulic fluid res looks slightly below the refil line. Will topping of the fluid increase pedal pressure, or do i need to bleed it and refill it with all new fluid?

11-10-08, 12:38 AM
Probably vibration is causing the pickup to sense movement of the sensor. Don't worry about it. If you want a heavier clutch, you could always add a spring to the clutch pedal. But why? I used to have a 1968 Olds 442 with a clutch I couldn't hold in for a Red light.

11-10-08, 02:16 AM
i have A 350Z also and the clutch is heavier and shorter. im really used to it i guess. i dont know wut the normal pressure of the clutch pedal is in a v so i have nothing to base it on. so the mph moving a little when revving is okay??

11-10-08, 06:54 AM
Drove my buddy's Subaru (whoop-tee-doo) last month, and his clutch-pedal effort is much more significant than my V. Personally, I don't find any problem with the V's pedal effort ... tolerable in traffic, yet sufficiently positive enough to give my foot feedback.

11-10-08, 03:46 PM
My speedo moves when revving in neutral. I have checked my speedo accuracy with three seperate GPS units and it is dead on, so I am not the least bit worried about it.

I find the clutch pedal travel to be long on the V. Initial take up is low, but it takes alot of upward pedal travel before the cluctch is "engaged" It doesn't slip or chatter at all, so I don't suspect that it is worn, it's just different than the other cars I own. I consider pedal effort to be fairly light considering the clutch has to clamp down on 385ft/lbs

11-10-08, 06:30 PM
yeah, im not to worried about that anymore. but my tach is all over the place. i am assuming the sensor is crapped out. does anyone know where the sensor is for the rpms?