: oil filter adapter housing broke!

11-09-08, 09:40 PM
Just installed my motor in 96 eldorado after doing the head gasket repair. upon attempting to hook up oil cooler lines, the housing broke. I didnt tighten it that much that it should have broke, especially in the tight area its in. any way. ill purchass a new one tommorrow with some new lines as well. However, I might ask, what is the best way to prime the oil pump for the motor. its been sitting for about 5 months since I took it out of service. Do I need to overfill the crank to get primed? thanks in advance

11-10-08, 12:12 AM
Check here: http://www.northstarperformance.com/oilpressure.html

Make sure you have enough torque on the harmonic balancer bolt- that balancer engages the oil pump.

Usually you can get oil pressure just by turning the key with the coil pack disconnected as the procedure states. It has always worked for me, just remember it'll take longer to get oil circulation if your car has the oil cooler lines. Always pre-fill the oil filter too.

11-10-08, 12:29 AM
I have no idea what they cost new, but I've got a few kicking around my shop. If interested PM me I'll give you a good deal.

And be very careful when tightening those oil lines. I've snapped one too on the first N* I worked on- didn't take much torque. They seal pretty good with new O-rings so a little less torque will still be OK. Just check for leaks immediately once you have it running. Oh, another PITA is the lower cooler line which attatches to the rad. It has a quick disconnect. The plastic clip comes out of the socket pretty easily. Make sure the clip is secure and fully engaged on that line or you might blow the line out with a few shots of WOT. GM made a mistake when they used quick-disconnect oil/coolant connections. I don't like oil systems that are held together with a piece of plastic, same with the coolant crossover connection. My '98 STS has the upgrade. My own upgrade. Actual threaded fittings. Nothing's
gonna come apart there....:cool2: