: Code P0650 MIL ,Help

11-09-08, 07:30 PM
:banghead:Need to clear this code for NYS inspection. Shows up fine on my OBDII and my mechanic's Snapon but Cadi dealer charges $90 to check w/ Tech2. They tried 2 times (w/ Snapon), charged me $180 and said they could not get any readings and wanted $600 to pull dash. Very few Tech2's in 1000 Islands and even fewer people to use them right. Anyone have any ideas or problems with this code? THANKS

11-10-08, 09:27 PM
The P0650 code is for the check engine light circuit, pull the bulb.

11-10-08, 10:31 PM
My wife's car has had numerous cel problems. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for about 5 minutes. It will clear out and re-set the light, but won't fix the problem. It might be okay long enough to get the car inspected.

Me, I found a subbie tech who does car repairs on the side. Excellent work. Located in upstate NY

11-15-08, 08:02 AM
Found the problem! Previous owner wired ABS and CHECK ENGINE lights directly to BATTERY light so everything looked good at sale and he did not want to replace ABS. My mechanic said 1) this guy is a genious 2) Take pictures 3) Get a lawyer! kaustein: is your mechanic anywhere north of Syracuse?

11-15-08, 09:34 AM
Sorry, but he lives south of Rochester. Very good subbie tech. Has helped me with my MR2 Spyder also.

01-04-11, 02:49 AM
Holy crap. Bringing an oldie back to life. Two years and you have not been forgotten my old friend. LOL