: sloppy, noisey, clunking drivetrain... help

11-09-08, 12:59 AM
now, im ASE and all but... im sure there are many more people who have messed with the V's than me. and since money is tight id like to get it right the first time. so, i need you all on a few choices/opinions-

-LS7 clutch setup OR UUC w/ new CTS-V clutch and PP
-Have a BMR diff brace... any other bushings, mounts or anything to help get rid of that clunky, loose feeling during shifts?
-Want a little more power... should i go heads/cam or maggie?

11-09-08, 05:59 AM
Dump the brace.

Replace the trailing arms (BMR).

Replace motor mounts and trans mount (UUC)

Replace the shifter bushings (UUC)

MAGGIE IT!! :highfive:

A lot of people seem to like the lighter flywheel.

11-15-08, 12:14 AM
ok, so the brace doesnt help at all? i have the diff out of the car now, and was planning on installing the brace when put it back it. i have the katech shifter, where do the UUC bushings go?

i bought the UUC flywheel, will install this week. im really impressed with the fit and finish, looks great.

how much of an increase in vibration should i expect with the new poly mounts...? ive put a few sets in some Z06's and they are terrible. half the people pay to have them removed, again lol.

trailing arms, on their way... should i get the bmr tie rods too?

OH and i ordered a katech camshaft, lingenfelters doing the heads. gunna stick to 65cc chambers prob.... 204/218 .551/.551 112 LSA

11-15-08, 01:56 AM
That cam advertises some pretty hefty torque gains. Interesting considering it's almost identical to the the stock cam in spec except for the LSA.

LS6: 204/218 .551/.541 117.5 LSA
Katech Stage 1: 204/218 .551/.551 112 LSA

Along with the ported heads you should have some nice power. But why not skip the cam, get heads that will lower the compression and then boost the hell out of it? :lildevil:

11-16-08, 01:15 AM
ya i was thinking the same thing... hows the LSA gunna get me all that torque they claim? anyways, not gunna boost the hell out of it, mainly because the maggie will cost me alot more. it was definately my first choice. i am a magnacharger dealer, and have one on my tahoe as well as ss truck. also, a 112 maggie wont really provide enough airflow for me to need to lower compression to gain power. and i hate centrificals lol.