View Full Version : P0741 - TCC System Stuck Off ???

06-22-04, 08:13 AM
What's up people i have a 98 deville with 99,000 miles on it, like 2 days ago the service engine soon light came on, kind of weird because this car is in great shape and runs very good. I took it to autozone to check it out and this code came up, P0741-TCC System stuck off. Does anybody know what this is and how can i get it to clear or fix it or something. The guy at autozone told me he wasn't familiar with cadillacs so he adviced me to take it to a trasnmision shop. He said there's a sensor in the trasnmission that went bad and that's what's causing this problem. I mean the car shifts smoothly i dont see what the problem could be, any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.

06-22-04, 10:40 AM
The code does mean that the torque converter clutch is not applying for some reason.

Your car actually has a viscous converter clutch inside the torque converter instead of a (mechanical) torque converter clutch to lock up the torque converter for fuel economy improvement. You will see it refered to as the VCC and/or TCC.....

There is a lot of info already posted on the VCC/TCC system....use the search feature of the forum in the tool bar above and type in "VCC" or "TCC" or "viscous converter clutch" or "torque converter clutch" into the drop down box for subject and read my posts.....

The TCC/VCC has a variety of components in the system including an electrical circuit supplying the transmission, the apply solenoid inside the trans, the torque converter itself, the PCM that controls the apply, etc. It is impossible to diagnose from afar. Unlikely that it is a "sensor" inside the trans as the PCM controls the VCC apply and uses engine and trans data that it receives from a variety of sources. If a "sensor" had failed the trouble code for that sensor would be setting......

Something as simple as the brake switch can cause the VCC to not apply correctly. There is a safety switch on the brake pedal that activates the brake lights and disconnects the VCC circuit. If it is misadjusted then the trans cannot apply the VCC. Lot's of other trouble shooting items on the VCC system. If you don't have a service manual and cannot trouble shoot the system from the info in the other posts I would recommend a Cadillac dealer as they have the trouble shooting information for the specific VCC that the Cadillac 4T80E trans has that a trans shop is simply not familiar with. No sense working on the trans until you actually know what is wrong.