: Should I buy a Cimarron?

11-08-08, 08:31 AM
So, a little backstory...

A little car lot near my home has a 1986 Cadillac Cimarron for sale. It has literally been sitting on the lot for at least two years (I've been tracking it online and driving by every few days, almost stalking it). Of course every week or so it gets moved. It is a V-6 with an automatic transmission, and looks in excellent condition. One owner (CarFax confirmed - looked it up during my monthly access), and appears to have some very minor front end damage, almost not noticable unless you're looking for it. Oh, and odomete reads "Error" on the digital dash, so no way of knowing the actual miles, but from the condition of the interior I'd guess <100K.

They originally wanted $3500 for it. Overpriced. Then, they dropped the price to $2500, which it stayed at until a few days ago. Now, aparently desperate to make a sale, they have dropped the price to $795.

I would be buying this car mostly as a joke; the "failed experiment" appeals to me. It certainly wouldn't be an investment. It would just be an interesting car that you don't see too often on the roads. Even if I payed what they are asking (I plan on talking them down, after all it's been sitting there for a LONG time; I'm doing them a favor!), the money wouldn't be an issue.

So, the real question, is $800 too much to spend on a little joke like this? Your feedback is appreciated. :)

11-08-08, 04:02 PM
$800 is an expensive joke to me! I bet you could find a hand buzzer online for less than $10. Go pick up a Get Smart movie if you're looking for laughs.

Now, it sounds like you've been eyeing this for a while and have an interest in owning this unique vehicle. I say do it, $800 and some pampering would make a sweet lil ride. I wouldn't mind owning one, of course, I don't know squat about them.

11-08-08, 08:05 PM
Offer 5C, pay 6C and donate it to charity when you get tired of it.

11-16-08, 03:44 AM
OH YA !!! It all comes down to cost versus reward, check out my saga on the only other posting on this site about a Cimarron. The engine and transmission parts for these cars are pretty much free at junkyards and an entire head gasket set with bolts was 115 bucks, CHEEP! the only problem I have found has been with body parts but I got lucky and mines perfect.
I get alot of second glances from people on the road because they see a cavalier but the paint is awesome and the trim is clean the car is slung a little lower and all that, I Love my new Hoopty!
Id say show up at the dealership with a car dolley and 100 bucks! Tell them no questions asked and tow it off!

11-16-08, 03:54 AM
I just reread your question and I didnt really answer it. The odometer error could be Very important! My car was a one owner as well with 99755 last week the interior seats are a mix plush /velour and Pleather? I guess? Anyway at 100,000 the WHOLE interior is Perfect so is the paint body and trim. BUT the engine had two blown head gaskets and appeared to be still running before it was stored for many years..........Moral of the story you could have a very sweet looking $600 car that will need a $200 parts bill but about 10 to 14 hours labor cost. (I put a lot extra into mine because it is mine)!