: Radio A Fuse and and Oil Cooler

11-07-08, 11:48 PM
Two questions:

1) Radio comes on only when key is in accessories mode or off. Start the car - no radio. Changed the fuse last week radio came on no problem. Now again - no radio when driving. Any suggestions? Heater auxillary water pump - will cause the multifunction module to "low-power" fault the radio circuit....Is this true?

2) Oil Pressure/Viscosity Issue: Oil pressure light comes on if driving on city streets in warmer temps. Does not come on in hot temps on the freeway doing 65-70mph. Trying heavier weight oil now to see if that helps. What oil cooler should I buy to replace the original 2.8l v6 2000 Catera? Would a cold air intake help? Would a new Oil Pressure Sender help?

3) Leveling Light won't go off since car was towed. I simply don't get it!

Love my Catera - these are the latest and least painful of the issues I've had. Just wanna resolve them quickly. I am sure you can all relate.

11-08-08, 02:09 PM
2.8 in a cat? Pretty sure it's a 3.0. Be careful when choosing the oil weight, get too heavy and you'll start having problems. there is an oul weight guide in your manual, i use 10w30 in my cat. And remember if you change your own oil the cats are 6qt motors, unlike the standard american 5qt. The cadillac dealership has even got that wrong on my dad's cat a few times. Guess they're too used to the cts. are you sure it's your oil pressure light that is on and noit the oil level light? The oil pressure light would be redish, where the level would be yellowish. I don't know about your leveling light, somthing could have happened to the suspension system when it was towed? does it seem to ride heavy or lighter in the rear? and as far as the radio, you can do a search. i've seen this topic somewhere before, but never had it myself.
Found it vvvv

ad if you go the multifunction switch route.vvv

And possibly a place to start your leveling searchvvv

Those were just quick searches, so if you don't find what you need there's plenty more out there. Good luck.

11-08-08, 03:46 PM
another source for your radio issuesvvv