: ESV heated front seats don't work

11-07-08, 07:32 PM
anyone know what might be the problem for my 03 ESV's front seats not working?? I have checked fuses and relays all are fine. whenever I push the heated seat switch, the light just blinks goes off and nothing works. Any clues??

11-08-08, 12:20 PM
From time to time when I turn my front heated seats on, it stays on for about 30 seconds, you can tell it starts to warm up, then it shuts off. Is this what you have going on too? I feel like there's another setting that's causing this because sometimes it works FINE. Are they tied to the temp setting on the heater control? It's driving me nuts!

11-12-08, 07:27 PM
no, my seats do not heat up or come on at all. i wish they came on for a little bit, just don't want to take it to the dealer to have them tell me just some circuit somewhere i could've fixed and they will charge me $100 or more...

11-18-08, 02:09 PM
I'm having the same problem with my '03 Escalade. The two rear seat heaters work fine but the front seats don't. It did this last year but as spontaneously as it stopped working it started working again. And now here we are entering cold weather again and they don't work again. Even my controls for the driver seat stopped working :( gonna take it in Thurs. Nov. 20th for oil change, etc and see if they can tell me what's up with seat heaters and driver seat controls.

11-18-08, 04:29 PM
When I had my 2000 in for service I asked them to look at my pass. frt seat as it wouldn't heat up..They told me the grids had to be replaced at a cost of $700.00. I told them that's OK..But my wife just did clip my pass door mirror and broke the glass something I don't recommend either...........Just the glass..........$538.00...And I get my parts at cost as my friend has a bodyshop...

Scott in Milwaukee
11-18-08, 04:40 PM
The dealer repair costs are ridiculous. I was just quoted $349 to repair the heat grid in the seat portion for the pass side in my 03 ESV. Plus I was charged $100 to diagnose the problem which is not covered by my warranty. I passed on the repair. I will find a way to repair it myself. Can't be that hard. FYI - my driver side seat bottom would not tilt correctly. My extended warranty covered it - $1300 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder GM is tanking it right now.

11-21-08, 09:29 AM
Okay, well I took mine in yesterday and they fixed my seat heaters, power controls for driver seat and a knocking underneath the driver side floor board. (Which I thought might be a tie rod) I take mine to usually a GM Dealer because of the GM Goodwrench service. For the seat problems they had to replace the seat module under my seat and said it had an internal failure. Now both front seat heaters and power controls for driver seat work! That was $562.24 just for labor and parts on that. Boy am I so glad I bought extended warranty when I bought the car last year :D They didn't charge me a diagnosis charge because I had the repairs done that needed to be done. As for the knocking, it turned out to be my intermediate steering shaft but he said almost all ppl describe it as the tie rod knocking. That was $170.00 which warranty also covered. Total for oil change and repairs came to $807.98. I paid the $75 ded. for warranty and oil change so total of $116.41 and warranty covered the rest.