: Gears of War 2

The Tony Show
11-07-08, 01:54 PM
Traded in some old stuff I'm not playing anymore for a shiny new copy of Gears 2 for the 360 today. The changes to the Unreal Engine make it look fantastic, and the core gameplay has remained the same (awesome) with a few minor tweaks and improvements.

If anybody here is on Live and looking to work through the campaign on Hardcore, send me a friend request (The Tony Show).

11-07-08, 02:12 PM
I would be playing it right now if my roommate's 360 worked :banghead:

11-07-08, 02:51 PM
What is "Gears Of War" about?

The Tony Show
11-07-08, 03:01 PM
Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gears_of_war) knows all. ;)

The game centers on the soldiers of Delta Squad as they fight to save the human inhabitants of the fictional planet Sera from a relentless subterranean enemy known as the Locust Horde. The player assumes the role of Marcus Fenix, a former prisoner and war-hardened soldier. The game is based on the use of cover and strategic fire for the player to advance through the scenarios; there is a heavy emphasis on using protective cover rather than "run and gun" style game play. A second player can play cooperatively through the main campaign to assist. The game also features several online game modes for up to eight players.

Gears of War has been highly successful since its release; it sold over three million copies in just ten weeks and was the fastest-selling video game of 2006, and was the second-most played game over Xbox Live during 2007. A film adaptation is currently in development. The first sequel, Gears of War 2, was announced on February 20, 2008 and was released November 7, 2008.

The so-called "stop and pop" gameplay is what really makes it fun. The locust take practically an entire clip to knock down on the higher difficulty settings, so you have to use cover to your advantage- playing Halo style and running around will get you killed quick. Most firefights consist of hunkering down behind a car or debris, popping out to take shots, then moving quickly to another cover spot to get an angle on the next enemy.

It has probably the best graphics on the 360, as well as an awesome cinematic score. Definitely check it out.

11-07-08, 04:38 PM
I got my LE copy this morning, i'll be playing this week-end... IRONMAN1420