: Component Speakers

11-07-08, 06:50 AM
I've been thinking about upgrading my speakers. I saw what was compatible through Crutchfield and was wondering if anyone had upgraded with a component set. Any problems installing the tweeters, things of that nature. Advice or suggestions are appreciated.

11-07-08, 09:46 AM
Im not sure what the problem is....something with impedance or something...but my little stereo shop guys wouldnt hardly touch the "V" stereo....They did put some sort of bass box and amp made by fusion in the trunk......helped out quite a bit.....but still not near as what i've got in the expedition for about 600 bucks..... ( btw...the box and amp was around 200 bucks from fusion )

11-07-08, 10:34 AM
Hey I have a Rockford Phosgate t5002 amp and two 12" P312d4 subs I would sell if you would like. Those would do quite nice. The amp isn't too much either, you'd think it'd only be good for rap.. but I use it for everything...

11-07-08, 12:44 PM
I wasn't planning on making my V an "audio shrine", but I:

1. Replaced all the speakers (except center in dash and pillar tweeters ).
2. Replaced the subwoofer.
3. Added a four channel amp to drive the door speakers.
4. Added sub woofer amp.

All amplifiers are driven off the BOSE (speaker outputs to amplifier input).

Ya just can't leave it stock! :thehand:

11-07-08, 01:28 PM
can you post more pictures of your setup. how does the sub sound? does the sub location look stock on the inside?

11-08-08, 04:03 PM
Heavy, please enlighten us, speaker brand, dynamat, self install, and how is the sound quality from the sub, trunk noise ect...

11-08-08, 05:27 PM
Has anybody built a box basically attached to the bottom of the rear deck to use a non-open air sub but in the stock location?

11-08-08, 07:01 PM
Heavy, did you use the stock speaker wire or did you have to run all new wire to the components. I just ordered pioneer premier speakers for my doors and a alpine mrf 450 to drive them. Still curious on the install. Any help would be appreciated. I already searched and haven't found much info.

11-09-08, 04:46 AM
Sorry I didn't answer sooner, I have been out of town.

Subwoofer is an INFINITY 1040 driven by a HA700M BAJA 700W Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

The door speakers (JBL) are driven by a Kenwood KAC-8402 4-channel car amplifier
60 watts RMS x 4

I just connected the speaker feeds from the BOSE to the amplifier inputs.

The pictures show where the BOSE is located and what wires to splice into.

The system sounds sooooo much better!

Of course I did all the work myself.

Any ?'s you can PM me.

11-09-08, 02:23 PM
There are some great threads on this already. Search for audio threads under my and several other user's names.

11-10-08, 11:48 AM
What type of JBL speakers did you use?

11-10-08, 02:24 PM
I used these:

JBL (http://www.etronics.com/m-3264-jbl.aspx?inventoryfilter=1&pricesort=2) P652S 6.5" Two-Way Shallow Mount Woofer.

If I remember, I used the 5.25 version in the rear doors (been awhile).

The Infinity KAPPA series are very good also so you might look at those.

11-10-08, 04:24 PM
You might find this thread interesting.



11-12-08, 01:35 PM
I got 6 3/4 for the front I hear that you have to make a mounting bracket for 6 1/2. They said 6 3/4 would fit in no modifications necessary.

11-12-08, 02:16 PM
You might find this thread interesting.


Thanks for throwing down the link! Thats the exact thread I had in mind.

11-24-08, 05:45 PM
Thanks for the replies, I've run into an issue with some opposing opinions by the 2 local audio shops. The first shop I patroned recommended replacing the door speakers and adding an amp (Rokford T162c/T152c and JVC Arsenal amp) for about $650. The other shop explained to me that I HAD TO add 2 10'' subs to truly upgrade along with the JLCS along with the door speakers (Alpine SPR-17c) for $1600. I was curious if anyone has just replaced the door speakers without switching the sub or adding an additional one, and I've also looked at the threads on the clean sweep and would prefer to go with and amp that serves a similar purpose (Pioneer fd ice), but is it enough to power the door speakers and an additional sub. If no one replies to this I wont be offended, l'm beating a dead horse with this audio upgrade, I just know I'm going to be pissed if I drop a $G or more and it doesnt sound right. I'm not sure what I'm going to, maybe I'll read a car audio book in the meantime.

11-24-08, 06:01 PM
I hate to get started with this, but I'll try to be brief.
Depending on how you like your music, you will quickly learn through this process, that you need to rip everything out and start from scratch for total satisfaction.
The factory SUB is pure crap.
Intergrating anything with the factory head unit will cost more than replacing the head unit.
Intergrating anything with the factory bose amp will cost more than replacing the amp.
So instead of spending all the money to make the factory system sound half way decent might as well start from scratch.
Heavy and SSmith are the godfather's of tunes in the V.
I learned a lot from them to use in my install.
My install consist of JLW7, Audison, Morel, Hertz & RF 360.2 installed by the great S. Hester!

11-25-08, 10:16 AM
Well, that looks awesome. It looks like replacing the head unit might be the way to go. The only thing I've invested in is a Neo Prolink, is it possible to hook that up to the after market unit or would it be obsolete? I have a ton of other questions, if i decide to pursue this further i'll just pm, thanks.