: New V owner

11-06-08, 10:53 PM
Whats up Cadi's.I got my 04 platinum V about two months ago. Should get pics up soon. Ive been reading this forum since purchase, and was wondering what should my first mod be? I was leaning towards my exhuast but what do you guys suggest?

11-06-08, 11:30 PM

I love my magnaflow x pipe cat back. check out my videos on youtube.com.. search my username "cowan480"

11-06-08, 11:44 PM
magnaflow (if you feel like spending some money)

valentine 1 radar detector

11-06-08, 11:58 PM
valentine 1 radar detector


11-07-08, 02:21 PM
If I had to do it over again, I'd probabaly get headers first. It will add sound and power. A catback is only going to add sound. The OEM 2.5" exhasut is pretty nice. If it's still to tame for you, swap in an X-Pipe, or some new mufflers.

#1 mod though should be a new shifter. The OEM one is absolute rubbish.


11-07-08, 02:29 PM
:yeah: Shifter first.

11-07-08, 02:55 PM

I would suggest UUC Shifter/Bushings, and a close 2nd is B&B headers, then tune it to get more HP and get rid of the CAGS.

Congrats on the fastest color :lildevil:

11-07-08, 03:23 PM
Exhaust, headers,,,,blah blah
Why waste $$$ and time getting a little power hear and a little power there. Get the Maggie now and be done with it. :sneaky:

Yeah shifter is a must.

11-07-08, 03:50 PM
Tony hates headers for some reason :lildevil:

11-07-08, 07:44 PM
A shifter ... PERIOD!

Everything else just makes the shifter better.

11-07-08, 08:10 PM
A shifter ... PERIOD!

Everything else just makes the shifter better.

Agree with Randy, trukk & CTSV_510, "Shifter is the very first must have".