View Full Version : Wheel Touch-Up Paint?

06-22-04, 01:01 AM
Is wheel touch up paint available for the V wheels?

Took my wheels off to clean and wax them today and noticed the wheels are beat up (gouges and chips) on the front and back sides of the wheel from either coming off during the FG2 install or at the factory. :annoyed:

One wheel didn't get any silver paint on the back side like the other three did. :banghead:

Also discovered a small scratch on the trunk tonight while starting the Zaino process. Guess that's the price to pay for learning every square inch of your car detailing it. :crying2:

06-22-04, 02:09 AM
My wheels were kinda funky also. One big gouge (gee thanks dealer) in the outside of one rim and (strangely) all around the whole middle inside of one rim, just about even with the Brembos there are parallel gouges. The brakes don't hit the rim, so I wonder what gives there. Looks like someone machined it that way almost.

Damn cheap factory rims. Anyone know how much for another one?

06-22-04, 09:24 AM
I don't see how even a good tire shop will be able to change these tires without taking the pain off the outer lip of the rim where the mounting and de-mounting bar will slide......


06-22-04, 11:53 AM
I'm going to need it to since there is a small scratch on my front right wheel.

06-25-04, 09:26 PM
I had a front tire replaced (pothole impact) - took it to a goodyear dealer and they covered it all under road hazard (even balance & mounting)
The did a pretty good job getting it off and replacing it with little damage to the rim. They were pounding away at it for a while since the EMTs dont come off easily.
Just give them a heads up on the lug caps (dont use a gun to shoot on and off)

I have not seen any touch up paint for these yet....

Rich H
06-25-04, 10:34 PM
I had a puncture repaired at an EMT certified Goodyear tire store and they covered all of it, including balancing, under warranty. Not all Goodyear stores are EMT certified - yours might not have been if they had to bang on your tire to get it off. Sounds like it turned out ok though.

Since my repair I've had some slight air leakage past the pressure sensor valve stem seal and may have to have them replace the rubber grommet. If a new sensor is required, I hope Cadillac covers it under warranty.